Goodnight Baby

It’s bedtime. I told the stories, hugged them, said good nights, and gave the thousand kisses.


*Lights off*

Just as I was about to turn and leave the room, Nicole started sobbing. Real sobbing.

“Mummy, I want you to sleep with us… I’m scared”

My goodness… where did that come from?

“It’s ok. Mummy loves you…close your eyes…” *hugs &kisses*

Sobbing continues…

Then we heard a little voice in the dark, it was Nathan.

“Mummy, why is che che (sister) crying?”

That was when I had a brilliant idea.

“Che Che (sister) is scared. Can you hold her hand & tell her it’s ok?”

So they held hands. Sobbing subsided. I left the room.

About an hour later, I came into the room to check on them.


Manhood in the making…to protect and to hold…

This post first appeared in April 2010 at I am in the process of stringing together the posts I wrote to complete this parenting journal!

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