Love Talk with Kids

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Every night, part of my goodnight ritual is to tell the kids “I Love You” The usual response is “I Love You mummy” or “I Love You too mummy”.

Love Children

Last week, I asked them why? Why do you love Mummy? haha I don’t expect some philosophical answer or a long list of what I did right. It was just one of those, “I just wanna know” questions. Smile 

Here’s their response: (all asked separately!)

Nicole, 7yo – I love you because you buy food for us, and you bring me out

Nathan, 5yo – I don’t know. I love you. Don’t ask me. I don’t know.

Nadine, 4yo – I love you because mumble mumble (she mumbled and I couldn’t hear her answer!)

My conclusion? Girls do talk more. They think more. They can answer questions even if they mumble! For boys, just be happy they said I love you.


What do your kids say when you ask the ‘Why Do You Love Mummy’ question?









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