About Me

Mum’s the word: (Middle English) to keep quiet, say nothing

I am Jiahui, a full time working mum with three kids, Nicole, Nathan and Nadine. My husband, Edmund is one of the coolest guys I know, he’s my best friend, and a super daddy!

I’m a brand new mum, and would be for a long time. The irony of calling yourself an experienced mum is there’s always something new in each experience!

But that’s why I started this blog! So I can put all my experiences down and I can pick out what I did right, and with it, what went wrong.

Oh! And one other reason for this blog! Being pregnant three times did something to the grey matter, and I really have problems remembering stuff. To some, that’s a blatant excuse, but hey, we can do the memory test if you like, AFTER you’ve been pregnant three times!

Everything about life now is b.a.l.a.n.c.e. This includes of course work and family balance.

Then there’s another subtle & secret balance I’ve to juggle. The one among the kids. It’s about sufficient  fair  quality time, money, resources spent on each of them and ensuring the F-word is never ever uttered: FAVOURITISM

So that’s me now. And it would be wonderful to meet fellow mums and dads who are as brand new as me!



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