Let’s talk about sex – the beginning

Warning: This post consists of explicit words & graphics which may offend.

A few nights ago, the big question popped up!

Actually, we do get that question sometimes. And the answer was somewhat along when husband and wife sleep together. Smile

This time round, N2 pushed it a little: “What happens when they sleep together? Was it an angel or a fairy that comes and help them?”

Me: (close to bursting out laughing) No, Nathan, no angels and definitely no fairies!

N2: So what happens?

Me: Ask Daddy! (I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help it! I really wasn’t ready to answer!)

Daddy: erm.. they have sex!


Me: Well, sex is when the husband and wife comes together. This is something between husbands and wives only. It is …

N2: Mummy, I wanna drink milk.

N1: Ya, I’ll go check and see if the milk is ready.

~~phew! topic ended… we took too long to answer!~~

Looking back now, I think that was also for the better. N2 wouldn’t be able to understand an answer that’s suited for N1. And N3 was in the room too, she’d be quite quite blown away.

That night, I started reading this book from the library:


Wow! I’ve lots of work to do! Up to Chapter 4, this is what I’ve to do thus far: (in my own words)

By 3 year old, your child should know their body parts. Along with shoulder, knees, elbow, they should know penis, vagina, vulva, testicles, clitoris.

The author says this would make it easy for us parents when we talk about sex at a later age. Rather than saying “the cuckoo goes near the pet-pet”

It becomes factual, and no nonsense. And no one will feel squirmish about it.

So I’ll do this bit first. Anatomy 101. I hope I pronounce some of the words right!


Post-blog: I taught N1 & N2! It was hilarious! I’ll post it up soon!!!

Have you started sex education with your kids? Or did you have that with your parents? We’re gonna talk about sex! Smile

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