Top 5 Reasons why Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color is the hair dye for you

This year, I turn 40. I’ve friends who asked me, why don’t you have qualms telling the whole world your age? And I always reply, it’s not a secret and a lot of my peers are all of the same age too! Thus, I’ve never had an issue with growing older, or revealing the magic number.

However, I am very particular that I don’t look older than my age. And if possible, if I can look younger than my age, it would be great! And of course that statement is strange, cos who is holding the yardstick to define how a 40 year old should look like? Would it be the presence of laughlines? Wrinkles? Pigmentations? White Hair?

I admit the FIRST sign I had was that one lone strand of white hair. I was shocked, so I quickly just YANKED it out. But soon, there was a second and third one I just continued yanking. Then they grew in multitudes. I couldn’t see those hidden, so I engaged my kids. They became excellent Hair Pullers—not just the white, the good old black too!

Yank out hair

It came to a point when I knew pulling out white hair just isn’t the way to go. There was TOO MUCH!! And the kids were pulling out more black than white ones in their attempts! And that’s when I realised it’s time to color my hair. I couldn’t hide it anymore. I was changing my hair parting way too often in my hide & seek game with the white hair! I also figured it can’t be that the people all around me had such natural looking locks with no hint of white or gray!

But I was R.E.L.U.C.T.A.N.T. I didn’t want to spoil my already frequently rebonded hair and I didn’t want my time to be ‘ruled’ by my hair growth. Imagine, for each inch that grows, I would need to color that as new grown hair won’t be in that lovely color. But I couldn’t run away from this any further. There was really so much white hair I needed to cover up!

I also remember I bought something off the shelves a few months back and did a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) color at home. I told myself ok this should solve the problem for the rest of the year. Alas, look at my hair now.

Black Brown White

I was introduced to Japan’s top hairstyling brand—Liese, which prides itself as the mega brand of “DIY Styling and Hair Coloring, while enjoying hair fashion”.  Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color comes in five different shades of brown. And wow… I’ve done DIY coloring before and this experience with Liese Blauné was not what I expected or imagined it to be.

Liese Blaune TCC range


So here’s Top 5 Reasons why Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color is the hair dye for you!

  1. Formulated specially for Asian hair

Woohooo! The people at Liese know what works for Asian hair. The ingredients used are put together and optimized for deeper coloring penetration, for Asian’s thick and coarse tresses.

Liese Blaune TCC Talent (3)


  1. Provides treatment to the hair while it colors and enhanced with not one but 3 hair-caring ingredients

Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color contains more than 60% Treatment Base, which nourishes the hair while coloring! This itself is a plus point for me as there is no need for conditioning the hair after dyeing.

This product also has Royal Jelly Extract! (yes, that same multi-purpose healthy ingredient!) The Royal Jelly Extract replenishes and moisturises the hair.

There’s also Seaweed Extract to protect the hair from damage (VERY important feature for me) and Lanolin Acid which gives a natural glossy sheen to the hair.

More than 60 per cent treatment base


  1. Non-pungent, gentle fragrance

Strange but true. There’s no chemical smell to the Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color. It looks like a regular DIY Hair Color product, but there’s no smell.

This means that after coloring my hair, I can go out for an event if I need to, without having to deal with the lingering Ammonia smell! In fact, when Nadine was helping me to mix the lotion, she said it smelt like her shampoo! Hahaah!

Mixing the Lotion


  1. You only need 15 mins for the hair color to work

This is so so crucial! That’s why we do it DIY. Firstly, the Treatment Cream Color is so easy to use, I could spread and comb it through my hair very quickly, because of the treatment ingredient that makes my hair smooth and tangle-free.


Once you’ve applied it, you will need to leave the Treatment Cream Color for 15 mins!! This is really fast for a quick last minute touch-up, or even for a major change for the entire head! That’s like reading one section of the Straits Times, watching a quarter of the 1hr Chinese Drama Serial, giving spelling to three kids individually or peeling 7 potatoes for dinner!

Furthermore, there is no need for the use of conditioner after washing! I love it that I can save time and hassle, all at the convenience of my home!

Revising School Work




  1. Product can be kept for 1-3 months for multiple touch-ups after opening

And this is my favourite one! You can keep the Treatment Cream Color for up to 3 months even after opening it… just for little touch-ups here and there!

You see, I’ve short and very thin hair. So I only use half of the cream each time! Knowing that I can keep it and use it for touch-ups is a huge plus for me!

And there you have it! 5 Reasons why Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color is the hair dye for you! You must be wondering how well it worked? Here’s a look at my hair after the hair dye: (and honestly NO SMELL at all!)


Before & After v3

I must say that I didn’t have to put any extra conditioner or treatment serum on my hair after coloring with the Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color. My hair actually felt softer when I towelled dry my hair. And all I did was rinse off the Treatment Cream Color and shampooed my hair!

So now I can look younger than my age, at a fraction of the time taken usually and with softer hair too! Blow wind blow… and my hair can fly up without me worrying about any hidden white hair showing up! Wooohooo!!

Do check out Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarkets! (and they are brought in by Kao Group, a very familiar Japanese consumer product distributor) Just for August 2015, there’s a special Kao Singapore’s 50th anniversary promotion! You can get it at $10.90 instead of the regular price at $15.90! It’s worth it!

Get more information at the Liese site, or check out their Liese Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram @liesesg for updated information!

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Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored conversation by Liese Blauné Treatment Cream Color. All opinions are 100% my own.



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