The Ideal Personality for Children

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you could choose the character or personality of your child? What if you could choose little parts of his/her personality to make a somewhat ideal child?

Would you go for a really compliant one who doesn’t fuss over food? One who eats everything on his plate and even cleans out the peas in the salad?


Would you choose one who doesn’t know how to whine? When he wants something, he always asks politely and will stop asking when the answer is given, even when it’s a NO.

How about one who is self motivated to read and practice writing and math sums? He completes his homework on his own without any reminding. He won’t ask to play games until work is completed NEATLY.

Ohh or if you can have one kid who goes to sleep when it’s bedtime and can close his eyes and sleep when his head touches the pillow.

sleep moon night

I had lots of fun typing out the above, cos thinking about it just brings a smile to my face.  Yet, I’ve never once thought of changing any of my kids’ personalities. (Ok, maybe I did nag or complain about it!)

What I meant, I’ve never thought of re-calibrating my children. I do see very well behaved children (either some stranger’s or some friend’s kid). I do make comments like, “Wow, your son does this, mine doesn’t!” or “Wow, you mean she wouldn’t? Mine would!” But I’ve NEVER EVER wish for an exchange of kids.

Despite all the misbehaviour and imperfection, I would take my kids anytime instead of yours. Other than because they are mine, I also think deep down, they are actually the most perfect out there in the world.

Not for Sale Child

Do you feel the same?

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