i Theatre–The Enormous Turnip

We went to watch what would possibly be our most memorable children’s musical thus far: i Theatre’s The Enormous Turnip.

itheatre Enormous Turnip

It was a simple story of a Farmer who wanted to grow a huge turnip, so that he can join the Largest Turnip competition in the town nearby. Throughout this journey, he meets a mouse “EEK” (the kids really adore this mouse! They haven been eek-ing all day after the show!), a traveling witch, a greedy caterpillar and of course his supportive wife.

As usual, i Theatre brought in much laughter and audience participation when they asked the children for help. Kids just love to give directions! They will point to where the mouse is hiding, tell tales about who ate the seeds, scream out loud when danger is round the corner to warn the farmer etc. You name it, and the kids are just a big part of the musical too!

This time, the farmer needed help to pull out that turnip. And guess who volunteered? And guess who was picked? And guess who was called “that brave little one”? Presenting our Turnip Puller:

Enormous Turnip Pull it out

Nadine was really very excited and she really pulled to help the Farmer. I’m so so proud of her! Nathan & our neighbour Steward who came to watch the show with us, were terribly envious that she was picked. I was this close to saying, “you boys didn’t raise your hands to volunteer as enthusiastically as Nadine!”

We are looking forward to the next i Theatre production coming up! I’ve attended three so far, and we have enjoyed them all tremendously! So here’s leaving you with the talented cast of The Enormous Turnip:

Enormous Turnip Cast


Disclaimer: We were invited to watch the musical. All opinions are 100% my own.

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