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Therapy 101: The Seizure

Last Friday, we had a mini fright from school. At 11 a.m., Meimei’s teacher called to say she blacked out when doing Math. Her eyes turned left, roved around and was unresponsive to calls. It lasted about a min, and after that she was ok, but a little shaken. The teacher felt it was important…

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Therapy 101: Why some therapy sessions are better than the rest

Some of you may have read that we’ve started Nadine on an Educational Therapy program with Alpha to Omega. At the end of 2015, she had an assessment done to find out her learning difficulties, and thereafter, a special personalised program was created just for her. She has gone for 12 sessions, and it was time…

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Therapy 101: Educational Therapy and NOT Tuition

Since we found out that Nadine has a learning disability, we have been trying to find methods and means to help her or seminars and tutorials to help us. We were open to try anything that can help her to ease her academic life. Please know that we are not Tiger parents. This isn’t even…

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Therapy 101: Getting Your Child to Express Herself with Psychotherapy

I’ve mentioned before that Nadine is one very quiet girl. She is one of those well behaved, compliant and generally obedient kids that you see in the class, mall or library. With her learning disability, it is a challenge to figure out what she thinks or feels. Recently, a friend recommended a Psychotherapist, and was…

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Therapy 101: Can YOU spell these words?

Spelling is part and parcel of a child’s academic life. I totally agree that everyone must know how to spell and not rely on spell-checks or auto-corrects. It is hard to define what is in the spelling list for a regular 6 year old and a 10 year old. I mean a word like “Requirement”…

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Therapy 101: My Heart Broke Because of the Learning Support in School

Yesterday, my heart broke when I had a chat with Nadine about school. And I’m still reeling from the emotions that hit me. I kind of guessed this would happen, but I didn’t know it would be so soon and so fast. It started with the Learning and Behavioural Support Allied Educator (AE) in her school….


Therapy 101: Confidence Building

Sometimes we parents have to make unexpected or even unnecessary purchases for our kids. I’m not referring to stuff they need or an unexpected circumstance that occurred. For me, it was like a seed investment to buy my daughter’s words. Yes, I paid S$128 just for that. As many of you know, Nadine does not…