Unexpected Mum of 3

When I was growing up, I had friends who really loved children. I mean we were in our teens, and they would love playing with kids from Children’s Church, or the neighbour’s baby, or do baby talk with the stranger’s child in the lift. They would squeal in delight and say “so cute!” or repeat

Thank you Mr. Lee

I’ve not traveled the world. But I’ve seen how life is like in the most democratic nations, had a glimpse of that in the most repressed ones. At the end of the day, I still wanna come home to Singapore. The fact that I can put on my jogging shoes late in the night and

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Buffet – Free Flow Wagyu! (NO MORE slots!)

What does one expect at a Japanese BBQ ala carte buffet? Lots of beef/pork to barbecue, a salad bar, and portions of Japanese sashimi and sushi, and possibly some green tea to wash that all down. So when we headed to Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant, we thought it would be just that. The kids were excited

Surviving the 40 Day Fast

And yes, one item off the list: 40 Day Fast! We did it and it was certainly a very interesting journey we found ourselves on. At the end of the day, the four of us were so so thankful for the special grace and strength to go through that 40 days! Many have been asking

Do You Have A Weak Core? Test Yourself Here!

I had a huge shock last week when I weighed myself on a Body Composition Monitor (ala Top Range weighing machine). I responded with disbelief, then with a bit of depression, and then with some hopelessness and then with some conscious mindset changes and a new goal for 2015. Let me explain what this machine does

To Laugh is to Live! #Giveaway

Laughter is one of the best medicine around, and sometimes, we need our kids to laugh more. Not the tickle and laugh type, but the genuine happy response to something they experience. And it’s for this reason that Red Nose Theater brought in Award-winning comedian from USA, Kenny Ahern to perform. Kenny is a very lovable

Masterclass for Primary School Comprehension & Pre-School Pop Up Class #Giveaway

Ever heard of a Masterclass for kids? A Masterclass is traditionally a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline. As parents, we would love to have our kids trained and taught by the real experts in the education field. And if you have primary school going kids, wouldn’t it