Fresh Groceries delivered to your home! #Giveaway #PurelyFresh

One of the earliest memories I have of shopping for food is with my Dad. I remember on Sundays, he would get up really early in the morning and go to this really dark, crowded and smelly market. It was a make-shift market by the road, and according to Dad, the meat and veg there

Me Time is just for ME!

I’m a big advocate for Me-Time. Regardless if you are young or old, single or married, kids or without, I believe each person should have time to themselves, doing absolutely what one enjoys. It can be something that costs a LOT (like travel round the world) or have little costs (like having a long hot

Sponky Newborn and Toddler Toys #giveaway

Have you heard that Sponky is in town? The latest range of new-born focused toys is here, available at Motherswork. So who is Sponky? He is a really cheeky and chute Chihuahua who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a star in his own cartoon and book series! Sponky is in super-soft plush and

5 Tips to Survive the Sundown Marathon

I did my second 10km run recently. If you recall, one of my goals this year is to complete 4 such runs as I celebrate turning 40! I’ve done a Charity run in March, and now this is a formal run. I am a pure novice, to me, a formal run is one that’s competitive,

Unlimited WiFi when Traveling Overseas

Every time we travel, we have to do research how to stay connected with our family and friends back home. This includes the usual social media channels, emails and various chatting apps. We’ve tried so many options that we know what would work for us, and what is the most cost efficient method! Long ago,

French Studio – Learn French the Easy way!

Last month, our kids embarked on a very special 4 weeks French Language course at the French Studio. It was very timely as we were going on a holiday to Paris in early June. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to know a bit of French, and try it out

#momazing moments with Mum’s the Word

Recently, we were involved in filming a video for Scotts. It was to feature Momazing moments for me as a mummy. These were times when I felt proud to be a mum, and times that I want to hold dear to my heart. When we did the video, the question thrown to me was, tell