Saturday Social BBQ at Timbre @ Gillman

Since the kids came along, the only places where we can chill out with friends are either at each other’s homes, or a family friendly cafe/restaurants and eat spaghetti or fish & chips. It became increasingly frustrating to go out with the kids to have a decent meal without ketchup. And if you want drinks,

I Did Not Throw It Away

There are many personality tests out there, while there are some discrepancies in their description, one trait is consistent in all the results. I’m a sentimental person. I love keeping little stuff  to remind me of various ones and events. Ceteris Paribus, I would have drawers and cabinets filled with boxes of cards, notes, wrapping

When I Turn 40…

I turn 40 next year. There I said it. Not that difficult, just that I realised something that made me wanna turn back time. Let me explain. I decided that in 2015, I will have a Bucket List with items that stretches me, get me off my comfort zone, and just stuff that are meaningful

Help My Child to Read

We always want to hear from the experts. Hopefully from their lifestyle / their way of doing things / their points of views, we get to glean some tips to help our own kids. These can be gurus for parenting, relationships, finances, education etc. And today, I got a chance to interview Elly Sim, the

The First Pimple

The first pimple is out. Ya, so soon, too soon maybe. Did I fail to teach my kids about cleaning their face? How to play catch up now? I’m not going into a discussion on the puberty cycle… but I thought I should share what crossed my mind when I saw that pimple. I don’t know about

Shangri-La Mactan Review

A few years ago, I learnt (from experience) that one of the best kinds of family holidays to have is a Beach Holiday! I know farm stays, city sightseeing or adventure trekking are great, but there’s something about a beach holiday that resonates with everyone. It somehow brings you away from the realities of Work

Therapy 101: Confidence Building

Sometimes we parents have to make unexpected or even unnecessary purchases for our kids. I’m not referring to stuff they need or an unexpected circumstance that occurred. For me, it was like a seed investment to buy my daughter’s words. Yes, I paid S$128 just for that. As many of you know, Nadine does not