Shangri-La Mactan Review

A few years ago, I learnt (from experience) that one of the best kinds of family holidays to have is a Beach Holiday! I know farm stays, city sightseeing or adventure trekking are great, but there’s something about a beach holiday that resonates with everyone. It somehow brings you away from the realities of Work

Therapy 101: Confidence Building

Sometimes we parents have to make unexpected or even unnecessary purchases for our kids. I’m not referring to stuff they need or an unexpected circumstance that occurred. For me, it was like a seed investment to buy my daughter’s words. Yes, I paid S$128 just for that. As many of you know, Nadine does not

The Primary One Checklist

I’ve my last little one going Primary One next year, and I really want to ensure I’ve covered all bases, (for me and for her!) and be ready for the Big School! Some of the best people to ask for advice are those in the education industry. So I asked the teachers at Jan &

8 Reasons why Shangri-la Mactan is the Holiday Destination for your Family

One of the coolest places for a holiday is the beach. There’s just something about the sand on your feet, the beautiful sea view and of course the loads of fun beach activities to have a good time! Recently, we brought Nadine for a special just Daddy+Mummy+You beach holiday. (Nicole and Nathan had upcoming exams,

Jan & Elly Pop-Up Class & Holiday Programmes 2014

Nadine is a big fan of Jan & Elly, an English Language school that conducts the most fun classes and teaches her good reading habits. We first heard about them in their Pop-Up class earlier this year and we were given a first hand experience of what classes would be like and we had a chance

Parkway East Doctor For A Day

In July, Parkway East invited us to be a part of their very educational and very fun Doctor for a Day programme. Ok, it wasn’t me who got to be the doctor, but all three of the kids! And the theme was Orthopaedic! Imagine that 4-syllabus word that your kids would learn, and everything about it all

Chesty Coughs and Wheezing Kids

As a parent of 3 kids, I’ve come across MANY common medical ailments that hit our family. Top on our list is FEVER which can mean anything from fighting an unknown virus to a known virus to a common cold. Then we have the TUMMYACHE which can also mean anything from a virus to something