PurelyFresh: Ordering Fresh Yong Tau Fu Online

When you can’t think of what to cook for your kids, a sure win item is Fishballs! For my family at least, fishballs are a HUGE favourite and the kids will eat them with anything! In soup, fried with vegetable, in stews, fried with rice etc… They just love fishballs! But I learnt that I’ve

The Haze: What happened between 8.30 & 9 p.m. on 24 Sep 2015

The Haze is here and we’ve all gained new knowledge on surviving it. I mean info on which is the best mask, how to read PSI, using a wet towel with a fan etc… these weren’t stuff that our mothers taught us. Yet I learnt something else from this haze, and from the Social Media

Tween Parenting: Laying the Foundation at Preschool

Bringing up girls is a test of one’s discernment, patience and wisdom. And especially for Mummies. I think before man invented mirrors, there were Mummies and Daughters! Nicole is now 10, and Nadine is 7. And of course the younger one is on her own journey as she grows up. Nothing is replicated in the

PurelyFresh brings the Freshest for Three-Egg Steamed Dish

One of my goals I set for myself this year is to try 40 different dishes in celebration of me turning 40. You can read more about it here! I can’t really remember why I decided on this, but I figured it would be something the entire family can be a part of (something to

AXA Family Advantage

I remember when I first became pregnant  10 years ago. There was so much to do, so much to learn and all must be done by ourselves, no substitutes allowed. We quickly plunged ourselves into the role and did as much as we could to prepare for baby’s arrival. I just heard now there’s a

Math Monkey – Where Kids Start Loving Math

I was an Arts student who simply had no Math brain. When I was in school, I remember it was a huge struggle to go through Math classes and whenever there was a new concept taught, it took me ages to understand. It was so bad that my year end results for Sec 2 was

To Market, To Toa Payoh East Night Market

I love going to the market. I love the smell of fresh food, the wide array of choices and strangely, I love the haphazard layouts of markets and the stalls. You really don’t know what’s fully in store for you at the market! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out