Unlimited WiFi when Traveling Overseas

Every time we travel, we have to do research how to stay connected with our family and friends back home. This includes the usual social media channels, emails and various chatting apps. We’ve tried so many options that we know what would work for us, and what is the most cost efficient method! Long ago,

French Studio – Learn French the Easy way!

Last month, our kids embarked on a very special 4 weeks French Language course at the French Studio. It was very timely as we were going on a holiday to Paris in early June. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to know a bit of French, and try it out

#momazing moments with Mum’s the Word

Recently, we were involved in filming a video for Scotts. It was to feature Momazing moments for me as a mummy. These were times when I felt proud to be a mum, and times that I want to hold dear to my heart. When we did the video, the question thrown to me was, tell

Jubilee at the Botanics

Last Saturday, we did something different from our usual mall hopping escapades. We had a picnic at Botanic Gardens! And not just with food & drinks, we had wonderful entertainment—we were sitting in front of a garden concert. It was a great experience at “Jubilee at the Botanics” organised by Temasek. The event featured the

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Review

Recently, I was introduced this term “Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment”. I was told it is a very light massage developed in France, and is a most effective massage technique used for cancer patients to assist with lymph flow and aid in the drainage of tissues. It really sounded very impressive! Ahh… but it did

Dim Sum Dollies The History of Singapore Part 1 #Giveaway

The Dim Sum Dollies are back!! Woohooo!! Remember the hilarious The History of Singapore Part 2 in Dec 2014? I remember laughing non-stop, with tears rolling down my eyes (I exaggerate not!) It was so funny and definitely so relevant! The audience had so much fun laughing at the jokes and at ourselves, it was strange we

The Most Judgmental People In the World – Parents

I know I know… the title alone speaks of me judging all parents. Nonetheless, since I became a parent, I realised it is so easy to hold a superior ground to other parents, or to make sweeping statements about others just because you have one tiny baby. Now whenever I’m asked for an opinion, I