Confessions of a Piano Learner

I learnt to play the piano when I was 3 year old. I remember that was good ol Yamaha school, then I also learnt the Sukuzi method, which greatly helped my aural skills. Mum was convinced that the only music instrument that one should have formal training in is Piano. (not organ, not violin, not

Bespoke Jewellery–What An Experience at Adeline’s Loft

I love necklaces… especially when there are really nice ones going for less than $20 at various large chains. And for something a little more special, you can get trendy ones from shopbop . Then I hear of creative ones who can make their own jewellery! (Now, this is really a wow for me. I’ve

15 April in the Tay Family

Today is Tax Day in Singapore, United States and Philippines. It’s also the founding date of McDonald’s Family Restaurant. Sadly, various disasters happened on this date: The Hillsborough human crush in the FA Cup Semi-finals, The start of Tiananmen massacre, and the bombing at Boston Marathon. All these events on 15 April. For our family,

Sponsored Video–RBX Beauty Patch

Have you heard of the latest product by Dove? Specially made for women, it’s called RBX Beauty Patch. The patch is a simple round patch stuck on your arm. It is developed to enhance the way women see their own beauty. All you have to do is to stick the patch on your arm for