Cetaphil has a new Baby Product range!

I remember when I gave birth, suddenly everything in the house was baby-fied. The things that we use have to be baby friendly. Suddenly, I was exposed to a whole new world of Baby products. There were Baby washing detergent for baby’s clothes, Baby dish liquid for baby’s milk bottles, Baby toiletries for baby’s skin

Buying Foreign Sounding ingredients for cooking?

Have you ever tried to follow a recipe, esp when it has ingredients that you are not familiar with? For example, some strange sounding vegetable, or an unpronouncable spice or even an item that is a total unknown to you. Recently, I’ve been trying out various recipes of my favourite foods, and many of them

Therapy 101: Getting Your Child to Express Herself with Psychotherapy

I’ve mentioned before that Nadine is one very quiet girl. She is one of those well behaved, compliant and generally obedient kids that you see in the class, mall or library. With her learning disability, it is a challenge to figure out what she thinks or feels. Recently, a friend recommended a Psychotherapist, and was

Help Make Singapore a Safer City #AXASaferCity

I remember this photo from long ago, when Nathan held Nicole’s hand to sleep, cos she needed to be soothed, and was afraid of some night monsters. It was very heart warming to see him take on that protective stance to take care of his sister. I don’t remember teaching him that, so perhaps we

PurelyFresh: Ordering Fresh Yong Tau Fu Online

When you can’t think of what to cook for your kids, a sure win item is Fishballs! For my family at least, fishballs are a HUGE favourite and the kids will eat them with anything! In soup, fried with vegetable, in stews, fried with rice etc… They just love fishballs! But I learnt that I’ve

The Haze: What happened between 8.30 & 9 p.m. on 24 Sep 2015

The Haze is here and we’ve all gained new knowledge on surviving it. I mean info on which is the best mask, how to read PSI, using a wet towel with a fan etc… these weren’t stuff that our mothers taught us. Yet I learnt something else from this haze, and from the Social Media

Tween Parenting: Laying the Foundation at Preschool

Bringing up girls is a test of one’s discernment, patience and wisdom. And especially for Mummies. I think before man invented mirrors, there were Mummies and Daughters! Nicole is now 10, and Nadine is 7. And of course the younger one is on her own journey as she grows up. Nothing is replicated in the