City Harvest Case – Why Am I Still Here?

I am from City Harvest Church, and it is a place I call my church and my life. I don’t have grand stories about how I met God here or this is where I met my husband. I can’t even say I’m an ‘old-timer’ member since I’ve only starting attending CHC in the last 15

Jan & Elly – Recommended Children’s Books

I’m a bookworm. Yes, I love reading and have no qualms putting that down as a hobby since I was a kid. Reading became a habit…I need a book when I’m on the bus, when I’m eating alone, when I’m in the toilet, even when I’m walking. So you can imagine my deep desire for

Fun for Free Singapore: Botanic Gardens and the Orchids

It’s Fun for Free on our blog today! What are some stuff to do with your family in this teeny island for free? It must be FUN so you won’t get complaints from kids that it’s b.o.r.i.n.g. Well, presenting to you the oldest garden in Singapore–The Botanical Gardens. Oh but you say, Ahhh we’ve been

Cavalia Singapore – Largest Touring Show in the World

Do you know anything about horses? My closest encounters with horses are when I do horse rides at the zoo or by the beach overseas. I see them ‘in action’ when I watch Chinese period dramas of warriors fighting or cowboy movies of the hero riding off in the sunset or news about the races

Parenting – No One Ever Told Me This!!

Open Letter to All Parents with Kids Older than 9 Dear Parents: (Especially those with teenagers or adult kids and were hounding and encouraging us to have many children) Please sit down as you read this. I’m trying to be diplomatic and fair as I write this. I love my kids. I really really do. I

Withdrawing P1 Registration from a Top School

I was from an elite primary school. Much thanks to my parents who decided to register me in what was then a Pure Chinese School.  You see, my parents don’t speak Mandarin, and they figured they had better enrol me in a Chinese environment to boost my chances to pass this compulsory subject. Well, the

Review: Isoderm to Manage Eczema

My son has eczema. I like to think I’m exaggerating, and it’s just a bad heat rash. I’m in denial cos no one else in the family has it. But he does and we are constantly looking for a cream or a cleanser that works. These mild soap cleansers and special formulated creams are not