Review: Isoderm to Manage Eczema

My son has eczema. I like to think I’m exaggerating, and it’s just a bad heat rash. I’m in denial cos no one else in the family has it. But he does and we are constantly looking for a cream or a cleanser that works. These mild soap cleansers and special formulated creams are not

Who gets Angry Faster and Scarier? The Teacher or The Parent?

Quick Question: Who gets angry faster and scarier–The Teacher or The Parent? Here’s what happened to Nicole this morning. At 6.30 a.m., just before leaving the house, she came to me with a Spelling Book and Pen. You see, she forgot to get my signature on her latest spelling test. This may seem perfectly ok to

The #SoundofMusic Review – Movie Vs Musical?

Recently, when we did a road trip to Malaysia, we realised the best DVD to watch in the car was the all-time favourite, Award winning movie—The Sound of Music. The kids loved the show, the storyline, and of course the catchy songs! When we realised that The Sound of Music musical was coming to town,

Eu Yan Sang Power Up! Essence of Chicken #Giveaway

I grew up with Essence of Chicken. My earliest memory of drinking it is pre-exams period in secondary school. Then, my mum would say make it sound like it was a privilege that I get to drink something that is “usually for adults”. And she would go on to emphasise the virtues of that black

SBA2014: Guess Who is my Best Supporter?

Some of you may have read about it or saw it in the social media postings. Mum’s The Word is one of the finalists for Best Family Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards 2014!! Woohooo I’m so excited! It is a huge confidence booster as I realised there are people out there (who are not

Surviving Mt Kinabalu – Food & Drinks

Before my trip to Mt Kinabalu, I talked about what to eat on your way up the mountain. I concluded that I would make GORP (Good Old Raisins & Peanuts) and I had a really happy time at the supermarket buying Nuts, Raisins, and Chocolates. I was really proud of myself getting baked nuts, unsweetened

Mount Kinabalu: The Big Fart

It’s so hard to pen down my thoughts about the climb up Mt KK. I thought I should start with something NO ONE told us to expect! When we reached the resthouse at Laban Rata (that’s 3,270m above sea level), some of us were recovering from Altitude Sickness. We had cases of headache, giddiness, difficulty