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Vespa scooter sidecar

Is this a Chauvinistic view or What?

Last Saturday, the husband and I were on our way to town when we saw this at the traffic junction. It was a vintage Vespa scooter with a passenger box. Something like this: Now, what was interesting was, there was a female rider and a male passenger in the box. To me, I just thought…


Raising Girls – Is She Becoming a Meanie?

There’s something about girls. Sugar and spice and everything nice is just pure nonsense. Sure, when girls come together, there’s lots of fun. We usually can talk and talk and talk and there’s things like dress up, pretend play, gossip, and many more! And this starts as soon as one is old enough to hang…


Aureus Academy: The 3Ds to Learning Music

When I was pregnant with Nicole, I must admit there were grand plans for this little baby. She’s our firstborn, so naturally, we wanted to give her the best possible we can. Other than clothes and toys, we also wanted to give her as much exposure as we could to sports and the arts. We…

First Op Ever

A Slip Disc at the Neck – How it happened (Part 2)

Thank you for all your love! My Slip Disc op went very well, and I’m now resting at home! My bimbo worry is now if the scar would show obviously on the neck! (yes, the surgeon did the cut from my neck! More about that later!) I’m drinking the bottles of Birds Nests that many…


A Slip Disc – And not at the Lower Back (Part 1)

I have a slip disc. And now, I’m scheduled to go for an op to remove the disc because it’s touching my nerve and it risks touching my spinal cord. I thought I’ll put into words what happened, and do some reflection, and along the way, hopefully tell you a thing or two about posture….


Cetaphil and a chance to win a Family Photoshoot

One of the trusted brands in our family for skincare is Cetaphil.This European brand is a favourite because they have over 40 years’ history of formulating gentle yet effective products that are dermatologically tested. What excited us was when they launched their Cetaphil Baby range. Although our kids are all school-going, this remains one of their go-to products…


Christmas at Fish and Co #Giveaway

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] One of the most family friendly restaurants we love is Fish & Co. And we can go there for large group gatherings too! There are so many options for everyone… something to share, something for the individual and of course the famous Seafood Platter! This Christmas, they have some new offerings for all…