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Music Is Taught and Caught – Aureus Academy of Music

If you asked any child on the street, there is a high chance he/she is learning some music instrument. Either he’s still learning, or he has learnt it before and for whatever reasons, gave up. Well, not my kids. While the husband and I have music background (the usual ABRSM piano exams), we decided that…


Gym is all about Techniques – Not the weights!

This marks Month 2 of my Fit Fab Journey at the Gym! And you won’t believe it… my sessions at the gym have taken a turn! It is still good with me increasing my stamina, my core strength and with me doing things I’ve never been able to do before. But now, I know how…


Personal Trainer for the Busy Mum

I’ve been wanting to keep fit for the longest time. I had wonderful plans to eat healthy, to exercise regularly and had great goals set before me to achieve. Along the way, if I look fab, that would be a super bonus! And I thought it would be easy to keep the goal in mind.  (esp with class…


You can be a domestic goddess too–with Diana Gale

As a mummy, I want my kids to have good home-cooked food as much as possible. We all know it’s because when it’s home-cooked, we get to decide what goes in the food. The amount of salt, sugar, seasoning, preservatives, blah blah blah… Now this was really easy when the kids were young. (think toddler)…

A Photo 5

Photo Shoot with Two Bears

Have you taken a photo shoot with the entire family? I’m not referring to the formal looking shots of sitting still, hands on lap with graduation gowns. I mean those really happy looking photos that are taken professionally. With good lighting, nice composition, looking oh-so-casual, very natural but in fact all staged in the studio….

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PurelyFresh brings the Freshest for Three-Egg Steamed Dish

One of my goals I set for myself this year is to try 40 different dishes in celebration of me turning 40. You can read more about it here! I can’t really remember why I decided on this, but I figured it would be something the entire family can be a part of (something to…

5. Trucks Bikes Vans

To Market, To Toa Payoh East Night Market

I love going to the market. I love the smell of fresh food, the wide array of choices and strangely, I love the haphazard layouts of markets and the stalls. You really don’t know what’s fully in store for you at the market! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out…