When I grow up …

At the start of the year, I always ask my kids, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

Each year, the list has new additions, and sometimes, old dreams as tossed aside. This is the first start of the year this blog is going through, so here’s 2013’s WHAT I WANNA BE WHEN I GROW UP (with reasons stated in italics)

Children in pose

Nicole, 8 year old

  • Nurse – To help others and I want to take temperature for the patients
  • Teacher – I can teach, use the markers, and choose what books to read
  • Hip-hop Dancer – Not ballet, so boring
  • Scientist – I want to do experiments

Nathan, 6 year old

  • Magician – I get to do magic tricks, and people have to pay me to do, and I get to travel and perform
  • Policeman – I want to catch all the bad guys

Nadine, 5 year old

  • Ballerina – I want to wear pink and purple

So in 2013, we are getting friends with occupations to speak to them so they can find out more. And in cases like magician, scientist and hip hop dancer, perhaps we will get the introduction kit/class for them.

What do your school going kids wanna be when they grow up?




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