Children. Love. Reading.

I love reading. Since young, when the forms ask for my hobbies, reading would be word I’ll put in. During recess, I’m happy to go to a quiet corner to read. I’m definitely not one of those playing catching in the field, or worse, playing basketball on the courts. Give me a book any day, and I’ll be happy.

Naturally, one of my greatest desires is for ALL my kids to love reading! Problem is, their genes also include a non-reader. You see, Daddy doesn’t read. He thinks it’s a big joke when he found out how I spent my recesses. He’s shocked that I prefer reading to watching that violent war movie on TV. He can’t believe that one simple story has to be told in three thick books. (To be fair, he does read non-fiction, and quite a bit of it too—Newspapers, News Magazines, Christian Books/Magazines. But how can one be called a reader if you don’t read fiction????)

So I do my part. I read to the kids daily regularly. Use every possible voice and pitch I have to be old witches, crying rabbits, hungry giants etc. Daddy reads to them too. It’s fun, but he uses his non-fiction/current affairs reading voice to them. (I don’t think there are talking squirrels and rhyming words in that department)

Imagine my smile when a friend sent me pictures of how enthusiastic my kids were when they stepped in a book fair recently. She said in the end, there were three baskets full. woooohooooo! Looks like my kids love reading too!!! yeah!!!



Yup, I pray that they continue to love reading. And if they love reading Mandarin too, it would be a miracle!

Do your children love reading?






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