Wave Goodbye!

There’s this thing about waving bye bye to your child.

It starts when the child can barely speak. I’m not sure why this is one of the very first milestones we expect of our kids. Mind you, it’s not just “WAVE at mummy!” it’s a “Wave BYE BYE!” Poor kid, after achieving this, we actually go off! (maybe to work, maybe to run an errand.. but definitely not hang around!)

Now that my kids are up and about and going to school, we hardly get a wave. Thank God I still get to kiss them goodbye, but to get a wave? Here’s what I got today!

Wave goodby

I realised when the wave is from a further distance, the enthusiasm increases. e.g. waving from a moving vehicle, or waving beyond a glass panel or door. I hate goodbyes, and I think kids too!

Do your kids still wave goodbye? Or do you?


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