Pre-School expenses going UP!

Nathan is in K1 and Nadine in Nursery. Both of them attend a full-day childcare centre. We drop them off at 8 a.m. and pick them before 5.30 p.m. The arrangement is perfect for now, as the full day programme occupies them and gives them a very complete curriculum for the academic, aesthetics and social life.
BUT the prices are going up again! We just received a circular that school fees for next year are up by another $134 each per month!!!!!
Look, I understand the need for increase because of inflation, cost of living, etc. But at $134 each in a year?
Ohhhh I wish the government regulation of pre-school education would quickly quickly start! Right now, it’s either grit my teeth and go with it, or change school! There’s no bursary & no negotiation.
I came up with my own ideas to get the best out of this ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR dollars.
EAT more in school… My kids do that quite well!
N3 Eating
Use more school supplies? Cut extra paper, colour with more vigour!


Shower many many times?
bath 2[7]
You can see I’m getting desperate. Any ideas?
I’m whining quite a bit here. Not willing to change school, and not willing to pay the price. Help.
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