Happy Kids, Happy Parents

Ice cream. It appeals more on a rainy day. It appeals even more after a full and satisfying meal.

Ice Cream daddy

We were at Bugis+ (previously known as Illuma) and GELATERIA ITALIA was shouting as us. And, it wasn’t just us who heard the voice! hahaha… So we had a dose (three doses to be exact) of Gelato.

I like to think that calories in Snickers-flavoured Gelato, Deep Chocolate-flavoured Gelato and Hazelnut Cream-flavoured Gelato burns faster than regular plain ones. The deception goes deeper as I figured if I type out every flavour, the calories will all burn off! Ohhh and if we call it gelato, isn’t it healthier?

End result? Happy kids, happy parents!

Happy Ice cream kids


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