Kids judges–For food, what else?

When we go to the food court or market, our kids will have a few standard favourites – Fishball noodles, Spaghetti, Japanese Bento Set (that’s Nicole, don’t ask me how she acquired this expensive taste bud!) and of course Chicken Rice!

We love chicken rice. I mean, our entire family, even our helper, we love it!

Recently, we participated in a Makan King competition to choose the Best Chicken Rice in town! Oooh competition was very keen, there were lots of experts everywhere. Below are the most serious experts at work—mind you, they give their comments freely and don’t mince their words! You hear “My favourite is Stall 6” “My favourite is better than yours!” (photo credit: Moses Chng)

Children chicken rice

Children Chicken rice love

So the race was between Stall #6 and Stall #7. The people’s choice (and Nathan’s) was Tian Tian Chicken Rice from Joo Chiat (Maxwell market was closed for renovation). Sigh… not my choice though..

What would be your favourite Chicken Rice Stall?

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