These are a few of my favourite things

October 2011 was a most interesting month for us. We just moved into our new home, and October marks the peak of our shopping expedition for household items, tableware, housing accessories etc. We went to visit those lovely lovely shops we see in the magazines that showcase nice candles & table displays to steal ideas get inspiration.

The sourcing part was really fun! To hunt high and low for that one item that would fit in your home was very satisfactory. But it was hard work. The kids were bored. Time was tight. Budget was tighter. We learnt that grappling with these conditions were the biggest challenge we had then!

Fast forward to today. I look around the house, and I remember every thing I see tells a story. Either we travelled out far far to some industrial place to purchase the item, or we chanced upon a quirky store that sold gems. There were also really nice places who were holding fantastic 70% sales, or the good old Ikea which as usual gave great ideas.

Today, I celebrate my favourite items in the house! haha.. yes! I actually took pictures of stuff in the house! Spoiler ahead…this is no home & decor or Martha Stewart feature!

My uber favourite—Family Collage in the living room. It was a big project! You can read about it here! Wall Collage black white

The only clock in the house! And the kids are learning Roman numerals cos of it! black large roman clock

The retro disco mirror! black white disco mirror

Three of my favourite things in the house! You can see I love black & white!

What’s your favourite item at home?


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