My body changed after pregnancy

Oh! But that’s stating the obvious of course. Let me list the change from head to toe, and if you’re a mummy, tell me if it’s the same for you!

Mum sacrifice cartoon

Memory loss – This is just gets worse with each pregnancy. Some say it’s old age, some say it’s just me (of course these were the non-mothers speaking!) But it is a very real problem! I can’t remember numbers now. I’m not referring to phone numbers only. It’s for addresses, bus numbers, page numbers, dates etc.

Big Eyes – I can make my eyes go REAL BIG when I want to. These are for times when I really want to scream at the kids, but I can’t (because there are many people around/ it’s a quiet place/ I’m busy talking to someone else) I can do a good stare at my kids and get them to shut up behave.

Sensitive nose – I can smell the 3Ps a mile away—Pee, Poo, Puke. Sadly, even when it’s not my kids’ I can smell it too. And more unfortunately, even when it’s some drunkard adult too.

Nagging Mouth – I can nag! Gosh! I never thought I’ll be like that! But this trait develops and hones itself especially when your child enters Primary School. I can only imagine when ALL my kids enter primary school, I’ll be Champion Nag!

Toned Neck Muscles – I’m not even sure if there are muscles there! If there aren’t there are there now! I can somewhat turn my head in any direction I want to look at, look for, look out for the kids!

Flattened chest – after breastfeeding, they just never got back. And with every cry and whimper, I comfort the kids bring them close to that even more flattened chest.

Power Arms – One sleeping child is carried by daddy. Two sleeping children? Mummy has to carry one. Three? erm.. wake the one who is least tired!

Tummy – Too depressing to discuss.

Thighs – Just as depressing.

Viscose Veins – I’ve seen mummies with this. I thank God I don’t have that, but I’ve seen enough to know it is a common mark of motherhood too.

These are the marks of a 7.5yr old mummy. Perhaps when I’m a 15yr old mummy, I’ll have more bodily changes to share! =)

Do you have these too? Or does your mum have them?



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