Heard of a kid who feels giddy & has headaches?

In the last two months, Nicole has been complaining of Giddy Spells and Headaches. I found it strange cos I don’t remember having a headache when I was 7 year old, and I certainly didn’t know what it meant to be giddy!

I did the mummy thing, and consulted my favourite mummy nurse and checked with a doctor friend. Both told me they needed more information e.g. which part of the head for the headache? when does she feel giddy? how often? etc.

So I told Nicole, I need more information before seeing a doctor. And I need your help. The following are my exact instructions:

  1. Write in your school diary the letter G for Giddy, H for Headache when it happens.
  2. Write down the time.
  3. Write down what you were doing before you felt giddy or before you had the headache.

Check out her note taking! I’m impressed! Are you?

My daughter is really quite meticulous! She told me she decided to take out her extra note book cos the space in the school diary was too small!

Child Medical Reporting Final report:

  • Day 1: 29 Oct—Headache: 8 times, Giddy: 8 times
  • Day 2: 30 Oct—Headache: 1 time, Giddy: 2 times

Today is Day 3 of this ‘medical reporting’. We put her to sleep half an hour earlier after Day 1 to monitor the improvement. Praise God it did! Praying that at the end of the week, there’ll be no more giddiness or headache!


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