Whining about Throat Infection

Being sick is never fun.

The last time I was sick, I could just sleep it out with yummy porridge. You can read about it here. Today I’m down with bad throat infection. I have difficulty speaking, swallowing and my head is permanently woozy. On top of that, I’m having a high fever, and my goosebumps are out the entire day. Brrrrrr……

CIMG1168 Can you spot little bear from the kids that was placed there to comfort me?

I’m up now to have a little soup before taking my meds. Thought I should journal this down. This absolutely yucky feeling. So if the kids ever get this, I’ll be so mindful what is happening, and hopefully be able to make them feel as comfy as possible. (I honestly don’t know how one can feel comfy!)

  • My head is heavy. Every slight movement feels like a ton of ball bearings rolling inside.
  • My eye lids feel hot! This is my first time experiencing this. Guess the fever’s too high.
  • My nose – Thank God my nose is ok. Good and clear.
  • My lips are parched. Yes, from the lack of fluids.
  • My throat! oh my throat!!
    • Externally, you can see the swell on the left. Lymph nodes are inflammed.
    • Internally, I feel a very sore lump that is painful when I open my mouth too wide. It also hurts when I swallow my saliva, eat/drink anything.
    • I keep drooling, cos it’s too painful to swallow.
  • My joints—elbows & knees feel really sore and tired.
  • I feel hungry too! No appetite to eat, but tummy growling as there’s no food inside. Weird feeling.

That’s what happens during a throat infection. It is so awful that I’m forcing myself to be a good girl and eat the medicine—and there’re no capsules!! What’s lesser of a comfort, I’ve had friends who had it worse off than me. So this is only the onset of throat infection!!  CIMG1176

Going off to zzzzzz land again. Praying for healing at every waking minute I have. And praying my kids never have to go through this!




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