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5 Reasons Why Your Child Would Love a Jumpy Plus SMART Watch!

What’s your take on Mobile Phone for kids? I realised there are three broad categories of parents’ response to this question. You can’t wait to give your child a phone so that you can always keep in contact with him. In fact, you would love to give the bestest possible model so that he won’t…

Therapy 101: How to learn Academics when there’s Basic Life Skills to cover?

Nadine started various forms of therapy since she was 5. As soon as she was diagnosed with dyslexia and cognitive development issues, we got her on Speech Therapy–to aid her in expressing herself, Physiotherapy–to keep her low tone muscles active, and keep her brains active (layman’s term!), Cognitive Therapy–to teach her how to process pictures…

Cetaphil has a new Baby Product range!

I remember when I gave birth, suddenly everything in the house was baby-fied. The things that we use have to be baby friendly. Suddenly, I was exposed to a whole new world of Baby products. There were Baby washing detergent for baby’s clothes, Baby dish liquid for baby’s milk bottles, Baby toiletries for baby’s skin…

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Better Together with OREO

We love weekends! No, let me rephrase. We really really really love weekends! The obvious reason is of course because it’s SW-free! No School and No Work! Everyone is at home and there’s no worries about up-coming tests or deadlines. However, the 48 hours can go by very quickly. If there’s nothing planned, Sunday nights…

Immediately After Work… for a FTWM

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up and start work. It looked real fun, dressing up and carrying a handbag and taking the bus to work. My mummy was a Full-Time Working Mummy (FTWM), she was such a good one that my sis & I wanted to be like her! Then…


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