Better Together with OREO

We love weekends! No, let me rephrase. We really really really love weekends!

The obvious reason is of course because it’s SW-free! No School and No Work! Everyone is at home and there’s no worries about up-coming tests or deadlines. However, the 48 hours can go by very quickly. If there’s nothing planned, Sunday nights comes by really quickly!

family luge

I learnt that I’ve to consciously make a decision to want to spend time with the family. It is only then that we can have quality family bonding time and enjoy each other’s company. With this decision, I would make effort to plan for something that would create opportunities to foster closer ties.

Close family ties

OREO—Everyone’s favourite cookie started a “Better Together” campaign to enjoy a family weekend. A weekend of being with your family, enjoying the quality time and bonding together. And this means no techie distractions like Mobile Phones, Tablets or any gadgets! Woah! And without all that, the family time would certainly be “Better Together”!

In our family, weekends are special days. As much as we can, there are NO enrichment classes or tuition lessons on weekends. I realised this is the least I can do to ensure everyone is freed up to spend time with each other. (That means no rushing from centre to centre and no waiting for parking lots!)

We also ensure the kids sleep early on Friday nights. This way, they are up and about on Saturday mornings, in time for breakfast. There were instances when we allowed them to stay up late on Fridays, and this resulted in cranky kids on Saturday, missed breakfast and totally off-schedule lunches and dinners.

With an entire day in front of us, we get to do really meaningful and fun activities together. One of our favourite places to go is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve! We will deck ourselves in sporty wear, head to the park, and start our healthy hike up the hill. What’s really fun is, (even after doing it so many times), the tremendous sense of achievement we have when we beat our previous timing of getting up the hill!

climbing bukit timah

Another fun activity we like to do is to DIRTY THE KITCHEN! Hahaha! That of course is another way of saying cooking or baking a dish! I’m not sure what it is about working in the kitchen, but it’s something every child enjoys! Recently, we tried a really simple snack—with Oreos!

It was really easy and through it all, we had loads of fun and even had a mini-science lesson!

Oreo crushing

Crushing Oreos are the most fun part! You see, as you crush, you get to sneak in a few bites! I know  I wasn’t the only one, cos Oreo leaves tell-tale crumbs around!

Oreo hard to resist

Oreo Watch Learn

oreo snack time

There’s something about making something to eat together. There’s a strong desire to make a really yummy product, so everyone pays attention to the instructions, and everyone is willing to share the load so that they can move on to the next activity. (From experience, there’s very little fighting and squabbling!)

While we were preparing the popcorn, there was a LOT of excitement in the air. The kids weren’t sure how a packaging so flat can become popcorn. I had to answer quite a bit of Science Questions! And of course things that are beyond me were simply directed to Daddy!

We couldn’t even take pictures of the final product! The kids finished it so quickly and wanted more! This is the best part of doing things together as a family! When the kids ask for more or when they want to do it again! All these times together are very precious and we know the kids would remember them as a large part of their childhood!

My kids are big fans of OREO. It’s their favourite snack and it’s so convenient to pack them in their school bags or going out tote. Having an OREO is always a treat! And now we found out there’s a new OREO packaging that will blow them away!

Oreo Transformer

OREO is celebrating its first ever movie partnership with Paramount Pictures for the upcoming Michael Bay film “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. (Woohoo! I’m so excited just talking about it!)

From 1 June 2014 to 31 July 2014, purchase S$5 worth of any Oreo Brand products from selected retailers. Login to to register for the OREO lucky draw and stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as:

  • 1x Grand Prize: 4D3N Family trip for 4 to Los Angeles, California
  • 3x Second Prize: 2D1N Resorts World Sentosa Staycation for Family of 4
  • 150x Third Prize: Set of Movie Passes for 4 persons

Lastly, hashtag your pictures with #OREOTF4 like the photo below, and you may be on your way to California!


Do check out the website for more details and all the best!



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