3 Reasons why The Sound of Music is THE Family-Friendly musical to go to!

In this day and age of Netflix, it is easy to watch and re-watch movies we love. I remember when I was a kid, the only way to re-watch a movie is to either buy the VHS tape for that or record it live when it’s shown on TV. There are a few precious movies that I watched many times, but there is only ONE that I watched every school holiday from start to end (that’s about at least 4 times a year) from primary to secondary and even to JC. The Sound of Music was that one classic that my sister and I watched all the time on our VCR. I didn’t know it then, but that was our first introduction to musicals!

We can sing every song and say every line to the show. We longed to grow taller so that we could jump from bench to bench holding daddy’s hand, we looked at our curtains and can’t seem to understand why ours can’t be sewn into play clothes… the first guitarist we ever knew and was a fan of was Maria! That’s how great an influence this movie had on us!

You can imagine we really wanted our kids to have that same love for this movie! For me, it started with a must-watch movie on road trips, then they watched for the very first time, the musical adaptation in 2014. And this year, this beloved musical is back in town, performing at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands!

The musical boasts all the familiar songs from the original movie like My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, Edelweiss (our first ever duet!), The Lonely Goatherd (leh-ee-oh), Sixteen Going on Seventeen (that’s the bench to bench jumping song!), and of course the glorious title song The Sound of Music.

Now that the kids have watched the movie a few times, and are familiar with the songs, it is no wonder they were softly singing along with the musical too! (and so were ALL the adults in the hall!) So much of our childhood memories triggered that night! hahaha! It was one of the most enjoyable nights out at the theatre for our family! Clearly, this is a TOP favourite child-friendly musical!


You HAVE to watch this with your kids even if you are one of the rare few who’ve never watched The Sound of Music before! Here are THREE reasons why!

#1 The songs are classics and easy to sing along to

Yes! These songs were written by award winning duo–Rodgers and Hammerstein, and they contributed to the beautiful golden age of musicals. Do you know The Sound of Music contains more hit songs than any other Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals? I am so confident you would be tapping your feet and singing along to the songs very quickly. They are that good!


#2 The value of FAMILY is stressed again and again

The story line stresses the value of family love, staying together and overcoming all odds. The classic us versus the bad is very obvious, and you cannot help but root for this large family! I mean, check out the charming cast of very talented kids! They have strong vocals and are really so adorable!



#3 The show is rated Very Very General by me!

There is no profanity, no violence, no sex, no substance abuse in the show. It is uniquely relatable to both the adults and kids without boring either groups.


My entire family loved the production so much that the kids are urging their cousins and grandparents to catch the show. Do try to catch this wonderful production.. you really won’t regret it!

*Show Details*

Event Date
Tue, 7 Nov – Sun, 3 Dec 2017
Tue – Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 1pm & 6pm
Sands Theatre
Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands
Ticket Pricing (Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP Reserve : S$185
A Reserve : S$155
B Reserve : S$125
C Reserve : S$95
D Reserve : S$65
A Reserve Restricted View : S$155
Get your tickets at SISTIC
Approximately 155 minutes
(including 20 mins interval)
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Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the show for review purposes. All opinions are mine and no monetary payments were given for the review. 

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