You can be a domestic goddess too–with Diana Gale

As a mummy, I want my kids to have good home-cooked food as much as possible. We all know it’s because when it’s home-cooked, we get to decide what goes in the food. The amount of salt, sugar, seasoning, preservatives, blah blah blah…

Now this was really easy when the kids were young. (think toddler) Everything is mashed up, you just sweeten it with natural food like carrots, pork, bones etc. But when they grow older, their taste buds mature, and you can’t really force feed them any longer. The onus is on us to serve appetizing looking food and at least decent tasting ones on the table.

How is that possible when we are working mummies? Or even if you have all the time in the world, and have a helper to prepare the ingredients and another helper to wash the pots? There is a LIMIT to creativity, to trying the same thing again… and what’s worst, there’s a limit to how many times your kids can forgive you for culinary mistakes like too lumpy sauce or overcooked chicken!

So I’m incredibly grateful to cooking blogs and videos that give me great recipes to try out. But you know, reality hits when it’s you turning that fish in the pan, when the egg cooked faster than stated, when bubbles form when they are not supposed to.

I’m so glad that one of my favourite cooking bloggers started cooking classes to ease all of us into meal preparations. Diana from domestic goddess wannabe, is a busy mummy who has a natural knack to whip out great meals (any cuisine!) and sweets too! Her award winning blog lists out recipes that she has personally tried, with notes on how to best do it, where to buy etc.

BUT BUT BUT, there is still a missing element how we can perfect the dish. I can’t blame the blogger, in this case, Diana, cos what seems common sense to her (e.g. how to cut chicken breast) would be challenging for her to list out in every recipe post she does! So the next best thing is to attend her cooking class… to personally WATCH her at work, so you can see any secret step she did to make that dish look so good.

A Diana Gale

So off I went one Saturday morning (after Schooling’s incredible swim!) to the Bosch kitchen for class! My aim was watch the master at work, look out for little things she does and replicate when it’s my turn! Sounds easy ya?

Well, as like her blog, Diana gave very easy and simple to follow instructions. There were no secret ingredient or hidden steps in her cooking! Yet standing there and watching her, there were PLENTY PLENTY tips that she gave. These tips just rolled off her tongue, and u wish you recorded the entire lesson, so that you can go home to do a transcript off the class!

The Very Passionate Domestic Goddess

The Very Passionate Domestic Goddess

Apart from the recipe steps, I learnt how to Don’t Ever Wash Mushrooms, how to cut Peppers easily, what to do with Store Bought Herbs, do we pour Olive Oil in when cooking pasta, etc and etc and etc…

Diana Gale Lesson Time

After she showed the class the way to make the dish, we got to try it ourselves in pairs! What an opportunity to show off what great students we were! We found the ingredients laid out nicely for us at our worktables.


While we work on our dishes, Diana would walk around the class, affirm us on how we are doing and as we cut or grind or fry, she would have MORE tips to give!

Diana Gale table to table

Diana teaching me how to hold the knife properly

At the end of the class, we made these lovely lovely Strawberry Parfait (which were really easy to make!) and one of the famous One Pot meals Diana is famous for—One Pot Pasta with Spiced Chicken and Oregano Breadcrumbs.

Strawberry Parfait

One Pot Pasta Diana Gale

I’m so happy to attend one of Diana’s classes, and scored a photo with her too! It was a fruitful Saturday morning and I had yummies to prove too!


And Diana has more classes coming up and you can sign up and take plenty tips and notes like I did!

1. Hands-on Bread Loaves and Bread Buns (Weekday)

Date and Time: Friday 26 August 2016 10am – 1.30pm

Fees: $124.25 per pax

Maxmimum Class size: 10

2. Hands-on Bread Loaves and Bread Buns (Weekend)

Date and Time: Saturday 27 August 2016 2pm – 5.30pm

Fees: $124.25 – $139.63 per pax

Maxmimum Class size: 10

Venue: Bosch Experience Centre, 11 Bishan St 21 Level 4, Singapore 573943

I’ve tried Diana’s bread recipes and they are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! I can imagine the extra tips she would give during the class!



My attendance at the cooking class was sponsored for review purposes, there were no monetary compensation. However, all opinions are as usual, strictly my own. 

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