Fit & Fab Friday: When is the best time to exercise?

It’s coming to two months of keeping fit and trying to look fab!

One of the issues I’m battling with is WHEN to exercise.

Have you thought about it? Here were some questions I had:

  • When we exercise, we burn calories. Are these the calories that we’ve already consumed, or are they the ones we will be consuming?
  • If I exercise at the end of the day, it seems logical that all the calories consumed in the day would be burnt off. Is that true?
  • If I exercise at the start of the day, does it mean I switch on the ‘burn calorie’ mechanism in my body for the rest of the day?
  • After exercise, can we eat? If yes, when?

Plagued with all these questions, I thought for a while that perhaps exercising at mid-day would be best! You burn the stuff you ate in the morning and get to burn the future calories in the afternoon. But I decided it’s best to ask the pros!

So I emailed the trainers at Insane Home Fat Loss  and this was their reply:

We recommend to perform these workouts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (have plenty of water first), the reason why is because your body is on a deprivation mode at that time, which means your ability to burn body fat as energy is highly increased. Don’t worry about losing muscle, the workouts are short and intense and as long as you’re eating a full meal right after, you’re on the right track. Also i suggest to perform these workouts about 6 days a week and taking one full day off to allow proper recover to occur.

Woah!! It made sense! And certainly explain what many fitness articles say about having adequate sleep, that’s when our body replenishes, and in turn does some burning too.

My schedule, as many of you have read starts at 6 a.m. (My daughter did an article here) With this new initiative to start my day with exercise, check out my alarms for the week:


Life has changed! Here’s to a fitter and more fab me!

What time do you do your workouts?

Join me below for this week’s Fit & Fab Friday!

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