Tuition: A 7 year old’s perspective in line with MOE’s?

The recent hullabaloo about parents, tuition & school teachers has reached our family! I was sending Nicole to school & we were listening to 938 & the DJ said, “Coming up next, should parents send their children to tuition classes?

I took the opportunity to ask Ms. Nicole, 7. She answered close to immediately, “OF COURSE!!!!” Yes to Tuition

Imagine my shock! I repeated the question, “should children go for tuition classes?” And the answer was still an emphatic YES!

I rephrased it, “should mummy tell all my friends to send their children to tuition classes? And yes, the answer was still the same. (by now, she was close to rolling her eyes!)

I was really curious. Something is wrong, ya? I’ve a child who says yes to tuition?

Is there something sadistic in her? Is it because I’m sending her, so she wants to ensure all children have to go through this same ‘pain’, such that no one can escape the clutches of tuition?

This is her explanation:

When you go for tuition, you learn what the school teacher is going to teach the next day. So when the school teacher teaches in class, you already know what she is teaching, and it becomes a re-vi-sion.

Woah!! I’m grateful for a sensible daughter. (Daddy says boys would never think that way!!) I’m thank God she’s making my primary school experience more of a breeze (ok, never mind those shouting matches we had while going through Ting Xie)

So that’s our take on tuition. We will still continue with sending her for such classes. Come one, after all, she enjoys the re-vi-sion! Smile 

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