Top Movie to Play on Road Trips

We just went for a one-week road trip to Malaysia. In preparation for the travelling, we did the usual. Bought lots of snacks, drinks, tissues, wet wipes to stock in the car. As the car we drove had a DVD Player with two lovely rear screens, we knew we had to bring along some good Kiddy movie DVDs too. However, the kids are older now. The girls are so interested in girly stuff like Frozen or even Cupcake Wars. The boy on the other hand, likes all the cars, planes, xmen etc. (something about boys, Nathan is 7, and he doesn’t mind watching Thomas still!?!??!?)

We knew we are unable to handle squabbling and whining for the duration of one movie from either party, so we thought we have a bit of a problem in our hands.

Movies for Road Trip

Above considering the kids’ preference, I had to consider the adults’ too! I mean, Daddy is driving, and I’m next to him doing the usual feeding and chatting and keeping him awake. It sounds like what they watch shouldn’t affect us, ya? But no!! They will be playing it LOUD, and I don’t want to hear an English man giving me a 3rd person’s account of a train ride, nor do I want to hear LET IT GO while on a road trip!!

Well, by accident, we hit pay dirt!! We went on the road trip with no real solution in mind, and brought along ALL the DVDs we had. About an hour into the drive, Nicole wanted to change the DVD, and decided on this classic:

Sound of music

I watched this COUNTLESS times when I was growing up! And I found out that Daddy watched this many many times too! Our kids have only watched it ONCE (and only Nicole remembers it!) Well, the moment she put in the DVD, we need we found a gem. The show was so entertaining with catchy songs and tunes. The adults (that’s us), watched it so often that we knew what was happening and which song is next! And of course, the entire car became The Sound of Music! We were singing and singing through the entire movie!

If you are looking for the best movie to watch on a road trip, one that transcends all age groups for kids and still appeal to the parents, this is the movie. Here’s how successful the movie was: The kids watched it THREE times in total during our entire road trip! Good ol Thomas and the very famous Elsa can’t beat that!

What’s your favourite movie to watch on a road trip?

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