Le Noir – The Hit Cirque is Back!

We were so excited to hear that Le Noir is back! When we watched it last year, we were so blown away by the entire show. For this year’s show, we decided we would bring Nadine, our family gymnast to watch it! All the acrobatics put together in a theatrical performance would be an eye-opener for her!

When we stepped into the theatre, we knew it was going to be good. The set-up is similar—intimate and close-up view of the stage. As the show started, both Nadine and I were captivated by the quick pace acts, amazing acrobats and super funny antics of the MC/Ringmaster!

y6With just a few spoken words, he held the entire theatre captive with his engaging performance. It was hilarious how he got all of us to participate!

And for the performances, there were just so many WOW moments! Look at Nadine’s expression throughout the show!

Le Noir Captivated

Here are some snippets of the show. There are some familiar popular acts from last year, but all were with new twists and new wow factors.

Le Noir 2014

Every act was executed to perfection. I didn’t have to prompt Nadine to clap, she just did it on her own accord! They were that good!

And of course the best is saved for the last. The final act was so death defying, so skilled, and so so good that every one could only gasp and hold our breaths! Take a close up look at the audience!

Le Noir Gasp

This last act was The Wheel of Death—one of the world’s most dangerous circus stunts. It features two people who perform high-risk feats atop and inside a pair of spinning wheels rotating HIGH above the stage. I think there were a few screams in the theatre and loud gasps! At the end of the act, it was a spontaneous standing ovation filled with relief and admiration!

I won’t give you any spoilers. But trust me, you would totally enjoy the show. Le Noir won’t disappoint. Not at all.

Le Noir 2014

Tickets are available at SISTIC. Hurry, the show ends on 29 June 2014!

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