Ooosh Hair Salon Review

I’ve kept my hair long for the last 8 years. It became really easy to manage, as I just have to tie it up in a pony tail on a hot day, or let it down on other days. The only issue was I have natural curls which fizzes at the roots. The solution is rebonding every 6 months. Pricey and definitely spoils my hair.

So I was due for the next rebond and my hair’s really long—bra length (girls should understand this measure) And I was l-o-s-i-n-g hair. Yup, dropping dropping dropping… … And what’s worse, there’s more ad more WHITE hair! (what makes it double worse, the white hair doesn’t drop, the black hair does!)

This is me with the gorgeous long hair (or so I thought).


You can see my hair is so thin and so little! I thought (really really thought) it’s really nice and feminine. Then I went to Ooosh Hair Salon for my hair cut. I went in totally prepared to let the expert do whatever he wants. And he did…

He said, my hair is so thin that I should have such long hair! It weighs down the entire look.

And he said, all those years of rebonding have really damaged my hair.

And he said, no more rebond for today. He will do a new natural treatment that would also keep my hair straight without all that chemicals.

And he said, NO COLOUR until my hair roots strengthens.

So here’s what Perry, the award winning hairstylist-director did:

ooosh hair review

What a change! I felt those bangs minus a few years off, and that chin length cut framed my face nicely!

Perry was really very professional about telling me how he felt, what would look best and what I should avoid. And he wasn’t pushy at all! He gave me sufficient leeway to share what I liked founder and what I wanted, and still steered me gently to what would work. I was happy, and still am!

Perry is the founder of Ooosh Salon. He has won many top hairstyling awards and is highly talented. (He’s a musician too!)

Ooosh Perry TJ

I left Ooosh really happy, and armed with new information on how to keep white hair at bay, a new & effective hair treatment and a really nice new look! Do check out Ooosh when you can!

Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road,
#01-05/06 & #02-10,
Singapore 238876

Tel: +65 6733-1068 / 6733-6113

Operating hours:
Mondays to Fridays (10.30am – 8pm)
Saturdays/ Sundays & public holidays
(10.30am – 7pm)

Ooosh Salon sponsored the hair treatment and cut, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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