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I grew up with Essence of Chicken. My earliest memory of drinking it is pre-exams period in secondary school. Then, my mum would say make it sound like it was a privilege that I get to drink something that is “usually for adults”. And she would go on to emphasise the virtues of that black drink, how expensive it is, and again how special I am, to have the opportunity to take it!

I’m older and wiser now. I know of the nutritional value of chicken soup (that’s why the famous Chicken Soup for the soul series). But what’s Essence of Chicken? It’s really just essence taken from chicken! So all the goodness from chicken would be the same goodness in Essence of Chicken. And More.

You seen, companies like Eu Yan Sang, have formulated a variety of Essence of Chicken with their TCM medical know-how and technology. We can find awesome Essence of Chicken for Adults and for Children, all with additional health benefits to suit our requirements.

The Essence of Chicken for kids is especially interesting for me. (Remember my early memories of it?) Eu Yan Sang’s product is known as Power Up! and it is so pure and digestible that a two year old toddler can drink it too! (My mum would say, this two year old is very very very special!)

Power Up! is packed with high quality proteins made with 100% premium-grade essence of chicken.  There’s no caramel colouring, no added flavouring, no salt, no preservatives, no sugar, no fat, no caffeine and no cholesterol. It’s PURE. Really PURE. In fact, it was voted “Best in Natural Health Tonic 2014” by Parents World magazine! One big factor is the caramel free status. It’s the first Essence of Chicken in the market formulated for kids that is caramel-free!

So what’s so special about these Essence of Chicken?

For the child who is going for his exams, needs mental power boosting, needs to improve on his concentration power, there is Power Up! Concentration.

Power Up Concentrate

For the child who needs improved vision, better sleep quality and stronger mental clarity, there is Power Up! Vision.

Power Up Vision

And for the child who needs to improve appetite and have better digestion, there is Power Up! Appetite.

Power Up Appetite

I gave my kids these three Essence of Chicken and did a mini interview separately with them to find out what they thought.

What did you think of when you first saw the bottle?

  • N1: The bottle is so small and cute!
  • N2: Can I smell it?
  • N3: I don’t want to drink it

What did mummy tell you about your drink?

  • N1: She said it would help me to concentrate in school and make me smarter.
  • N2: She said I will be very clever, and my eyesight will get better and I will be the smartest in class. (he obviously chose what to remember! )
  • N3: She said I can eat more! (She also chose to interpret what I told her!)

How did the Power Up! Essence of Chicken taste like?

  • N1: I don’t know. But I like it with my porridge or with my rice. It makes it yummy!
  • N2: Very super nice. Can I drink another bottle now?
  • N3: Ok. (a girl with very few words!)

Essence of Chicken with rice

This of course makes me very happy. I was worried the kids would not like it, that I would need to bribe them to drink it, or worst, hide it in their food. But it turns out, they liked it (especially Nathan) and would willingly take the it! 

Empty bottles

The fact that the Eu Yan San’s Power Up! had properties that boost their mental capacity assures me that this is so beneficial for them. And with the specialised properties for the eyes, sleep and digestive system, I can pick and choose the right product for my child!

In my case, I’m so happy that my kids are really taking ownership to helping themselves be better (see answers to question #2) and that also boosts their confidence that they are responsible for their own development!

Power Up! is available at the Eu Yan Sang online store, and any 48 Eu Yan Sang stores islandwide.

Now we have a giveaway for you!

Tell us in 50 words or less, how you think Power Up! will benefit your child and you stand a chance to win a $100 Eu Yan Sang Voucher! Leave your answer in the comment below together with your email and 3x winners with the best answers (as judged by Eu Yan Sang) will win an e-voucher to shop at Eu Yan Sang’s online store. One entry per person, and this is open to Singapore residents only! Closing date of the giveaway is on 31 July!

All the Best!


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are 100% my own.



Eu Yan Sang has chosen 3 winners and they are: Jolin, Sharon & Justinn Lee!! Congrats!!

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