GIVEAWAY: Ashputtel-The Story of Cinderella

We went to the theatre on Saturday to watch by I Theatre.  Honestly, I was a little nervous bringing them alone. Actually, I was nervous bringing Nathan! When I told him we’re watching Ashputtel, his first reaction? “HUH? What is that?”

There’s something about boys. They look like they don’t care, but they do very much actually, more so than girls some times!

I said, “it’s about Cinderella… Not the one that we always hear about, it’s a new story about Cinderella.” Sigh. you can imagine his response! “Ewww… Cinderella? I don’t like Cinderella!” But the girls overheard and it was “Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nathan Excitement

CIMG1145Can you spot the boy? He really didn’t want to be in the photo

Ashputtel pre show

So it was, pre-show pictures clearly clearly displayed his excitement for the show. (You can see the girls and THEIR excitement!)

How was the show then? 1

It was one of the best adaptation of Cinderella I saw! It was simplified to something easy for the kids to digest (imagine Ashputtel had to carry shopping bags for her stepsisters!), the music was easy to hum along, the humour was great (Nicole cackled through some parts!) and although there were not much opportunity for audience interaction, the little that the cast did went extremely well with the kids!

Here are the reviewers’ comments: (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

I will ask Marissa, Sarah, Janelle, Ally, Pei Ling, Denise, Shania, Jewel, Danielle to watch. It is very very very funny. Ashputtel is very pretty, I like her very much. The show is a little bit sad, and it is very very funny. I also like all the songs. And the stepmother is so rude, why is she so  rude?  Nicole Tay, 7 years old

I like it when one sister chopped off her toe and the other chopped off her heel. What is a heel, Mummy? I like the part when the prince asked all of us to help. I don’t have anything else to say. Nathan Tay, 5 years old

I like the birds, I like the dancing, I like Ashputtel. Nadine Tay, 4 years old

Would I recommend this show? Yes! Especially if you have daughters. Every girl should watch this. I didn’t find it childish or kiddy, and the kids didn’t find it adult-like or boring. I guess the classic love story with a Prince (and a good looking one here!) always works! For the boys, Yes, too! You see, officially, Nathan had little comments. Unofficially, he laughed and participated during the show. His morbid comments showed the ‘boyness’ in him to discredit all things girl-related.

CIMG1147Stepsister 1, Stepsister 2, Stepmother, Ashputtel’s Mother/bird, Ashputtel, Handsome Prince, Butler

Ashputtel-The Story of Cinderella is showing at Alliance Francaise Theatre from now till 17 Nov 2012. Tickets are available from SISTIC. You can find more details here.

And for my readers, I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for the 11 Nov (Sun) 11.30 am show. Woohooo! Wanna win the tickets? Look no further!

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