Fitbit Charge HR vs Fitbit Surge #giveaway

For my birthday last year, my lovely cell group gave me a Fitbit Charge HR. I must have done something or said something to receive this as a gift! You see, ALL MY LIFE, no one would have thought of giving me something sporty. And now, I own what was then, the trendiest and most popular fitness tracker! woohooo!

The Fitbit Charge HR is a really neat activity band that monitors your heart rate continuously. This is so important, as you can track workouts, keep track of your resting heart rate and how you are getting fitter (the lower, the better!) and with that, a very accurate sleep quality measurement.

The design is sleep and the interface is very easy to use!


I really like this tracker and i must admit, I have been quite obsessed checking my daily stats. As it syncs easily with my mobile phone, it’s one of my go-to apps at the start of the day! Here’s what happens daily:

When I wake up:

Sleep Pattern

I check how well I slept the night before. I’m not sure how checking would help, but it certainly gives me assurance that I slept well, possibly woke up to pee for the 2 min. On nights when I had restless sleep, the graph is filled with blue lines!

After my morning run: 

I always check out the heart rate, the calories burnt. Here’s an image of the calories burnt. woohoo! 
Calories burned Fitbit hr charge

And at the end of the day:

I always check the number of steps I took for the day.

I realised this is quite accurate. Unlike other trackers which may use hand movement to estimate the steps taken, the Fitbit Charge HR takes into consideration your heart rate and calorie count too! Then the husband started using a Fitbit Surge, and his steps are more accurate because his tracker comes with a GPS to measure distance!

Fitbit Surge

And so I started looking at the Fitbit Surge. And here’s a simple comparison table:

Fitbit Surge vs Charge HR

Isn’t that really cool? The Operating System is similar and the syncing to the phone is the same. Thus, the tables and charts are the same too! I like the fact that I can read Text messages from the phone and that GPS bit is perfect when I go for runs.

fitbit surge

And now, for all Mum’s the Word readers, I’m having a TANGERINE Fitbit Surge Superwatch to give away! It’s size Small (for wrists 14-16 cm) and it’s G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Perfect for someone who loves something bright when you workout, or when you go about your daily work! It’s unisex too! (it’s not Pink!) [My husband at Ed is running the same contest for a Large (for wrist 16-20 cm) Black Fitbit Surge!]

Here’s what you have to do to join the contest:

  1. Comment below on this blog post and guess how many steps I will take on Friday 8 Jan?
  2. Join and LIKE  our Facebook pages at Mums the Word and Ed Unloaded
  3. Follow us on Instagram (@mumseword) and @edunloaded)
  4. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall with the Caption “I want to Win a Fitbit Surge!”

For those who are new to the process, just copy the Blog Page Address and Paste it on your FB Wall. (Do Remember to add the Caption and make your share Public!)

The winner will be chosen based on the closest number of steps to my actual count!

The Giveaway ends on 15 January 2016 at 2359 hrs.

(Editor’s decision on the winner is final, and Facebook accounts used solely for Giveaways will NOT be entertained. All incomplete entries will also automatically be disqualified. I reserve all rights to amend or change the terms & conditions of this promotion without prior notice. Final decisions will be made by  

And the results are out!! 

Thanks for all the entries! I had most fun looking at all your guesses, I even had personal friends who messaged me to “WALK MORE” on 8 Jan…. and one dear friend, even told me, “When you reach XX steps, please stop, and get your husband to carry you!” Hahahaha!

So this is the number of steps I took on 8 Jan 2016.

And the winner is … … … Abigail whose guess is the closest at 6,497! Congratulations! I will be contacting you via email to collect your Fitbit Surge!


Disclaimer: We received the Fitbit Surge for purposes of a review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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