Last Minute Preparation for CNY–The Ang Pows

Have you got your Ang Pows for Chinese New Year (CNY) on 31 Jan (Fri)? And more importantly, do you have the cash for the Ang Pows? Have you changed your notes to the necessary denominations to fill those Ang Pows? I haven’t! And I think I may not be alone this time!

Here’s a quick tip to get the near new notes you need for the Ang Pows:

For $50 notes, go to the regular ATM machines and withdraw the cash. To be safe, try to go toe the machines that are located just outside a bank. Chances of the notes being ‘newer’ are higher!

For $10 notes, go to the ATM machines that dispenses $10 and withdraw $40. You get four notes now! If there’s no one behind you, do it again. If there’s a queue, please stop, and come by again later. You can start withdrawing the $40 TODAY! What you can do is to drive out and head to the ATM at 11.50 p.m. It’s usually quiet, and you can draw numerous amounts of $40 and if it hits your daily limit, in 10 minutes, it would be the next day! And you can continue withdrawing!

For $2 notes, this is a little more tricky. I kept the $2 notes from last year’s ang pows, so I don’t really have a problem this time. I try to keep only those that are not folded, so there’s no crease. And those that have folds, they are in an envelope, in between my books in the study. One year has passed, I hope the creases have gone!

But I do I have some tips for the $2 notes. Go to your closest sibling/neighbour/friend. Ask if you can change 4 near-new $10 notes for 20 $2 notes. With the 20 notes, you have enough at least for the first family you visit. After you’ve given out the first batch of $2 notes angpow, recycle what your kids received. Do take note of what you have recycled, and return the kids accordingly. By then, you can return with old notes, it doesn’t matter now!

Of course, as this post goes live, I can imagine the brickbats I will get from those who strongly believe that the notes should be crisp and brand new. But I figured, if the Montetary Authority of Singapore and the Association of Banks in Singapore can run a Good As New campaign, they would get more brickbats than me!

Near new notes ang pow

And I will get slammed for being so last minute. Well, I did get the angpows out in time!

Ohhh and how about Ang Pows? How do we get them? Quickest way, spend $5 at 7-11 and get a pack of ang pows. If you get a nice cashier, she may give you two packs. You want some variety? Pump petrol at SPC and Esso for another free packet with every fuel purchase. And if you like, you can purchase the Ang Pows from Popular Bookstore or Chinatown stalls at People’s Park Complex.

This year, I have quite a nice pretty collection from friends who have extras. Try asking around, you never know. Those who are more prepared than we are, may have lots of extras!

Nice Ang Pows I hope these tips help! See you guys at the ATM machines the next few nights!

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