Fun for Free Singapore: Botanic Gardens and the Orchids

It’s Fun for Free on our blog today! What are some stuff to do with your family in this teeny island for free? It must be FUN so you won’t get complaints from kids that it’s b.o.r.i.n.g. Well, presenting to you the oldest garden in Singapore–The Botanical Gardens.

Oh but you say, Ahhh we’ve been there so many times. It’s just a boring old garden. You would even say I can guess where are the various spots to go to! Take a look at these familiar pictures:

Familiar Botanical Gardens

So what new Fun for Free stuff can we go for at Singapore Botanical Gardens? It’s looking for buildings or attractions that you’ve not been to before! Being a history buff, I saw the Burkill Hall in the map, and thought it would be interesting to find this building! So off we went!

Getting Ready

I won’t share how we walked (you can use your Dora skills to do that!) but it was so interesting! Look at what we saw before we reached Burkill Hall.

Hidden Path

Just take a shot


We saw some really strange stuff and we had to do some investigative work to satisfy our curiosity. Here’s one!



And we made it!!


Burkill Hall


It was beautiful!! (ok, I just found out that many have conducted their weddings here, I just never went for one! So I didn’t know this existed!!)

Burkill Hall

We couldn’t get in the Hall to explore the place, but we found out there’s the most beautiful landscape around Burkill Hall! Look at what we saw!

Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

Oooooh I have never been to this place. It sounds interesting and we decided we should have a mini photo shoot out. Each kid will take turns to take a photo in the Mist House. And I told them, I will post up the nice ones. Well, take a look at their photos… I had so much difficulty choosing which to post!


So it was turning out to be a really good walking trip for kids and I! There were many photo moments and the kids were more than willing to pose cos the flowers were just so pretty! (yes, even Nathan!) And that’s how I got my perfect shot of my three very-hot-but-still-loving-flowers kids! Look!

Nicole Nathan Nadine

So nice ya? And by then, it was getting a little dark. We tried to go back to Burkill Hall and realise there were Exit Directional signs which we followed faithfully and it led us to turnstiles that led us out. And THAT WAS WHEN IT HIT ME! We were exploring the National Orchid Gardens! And we did it for free! (We passed by earlier, and it was a paid attraction! Kids can go in for free, adults have to pay $5)

By then, the admissions counter was closed, there was no one around but us. Woahhhh did we stumble on a secret way to enter the beautiful Orchid Gardens? As I type now, I realised no wonder we saw the VIP Orchids (those named after famous celebrities, royalties and Government heads) and no wonder it was a quieter spot than the regular Botanic Gardens.

So can you venture into the National Orchid Gardens for free like us? You can try, I guess. For now, Mum’s the Word!


This is part of the Fun for Free blog posts by 31 mummy bloggers in Singapore to introduce free fun in our sunny island!

Tomorrow, join Mummy Ed as she shares with us a visit to the Police Heritage Centre! MummyEd works from home whenever she has the chance to, but with 3 kids of ages 2 to 6 years old, those moments are few and far between. She blogs at and has never been happier to leave the corporate world behind.

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