Cavalia Singapore – Largest Touring Show in the World

Do you know anything about horses? My closest encounters with horses are when I do horse rides at the zoo or by the beach overseas. I see them ‘in action’ when I watch Chinese period dramas of warriors fighting or cowboy movies of the hero riding off in the sunset or news about the races or equestrian competitions. It’s pathetic, but that’s really all I know about horses. Then we went to watch a most interesting show—Cavalia and I’m blown away. Cavalia is touted as the most beautiful equestrian ballet ever. It celebrates the relationship between humans and horses throughout time. And it’s so so good! Cavalia Using advanced technology, we were treated to acrobatics, aerial stunts, dance and of course, live music. When we heard that the idea of Cavalia was conceived by one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil, we knew we were in for a performance treat! Imagine all that heart-stopping and WAH action in Cirque du Soleil together with the most magnificent horses galloping across the stage. What made it so good was also the background 60m wide screen. Powerful projectors were used to illuminate grand breathtaking backdrops that were first hand-painted and finalised by graphic designers. It was easy for the spectators to be transported to a different world each time the scene changes. forest cavalia Galloping Cavalia Man hanging cavalia today online Nathan came along to watch the show. He was happily munching his popcorn before the show. But when the horses came in, he stopped, stared, mouth open and just watched in amazement at the sheer beauty of the horses’ grace and movements. At the end of the show, we became new horse lovers. We loved how the manes flew in the wind, we loved the pony tails, we loved the sheen on the horses’ coat… you can see, we became new fans. Leaving you with my favourite scene from the show…When the stage was magically filled with water and the horses galloped through. Truly magnificent

Cavalia is held in the empty field in between MBS and the Open-air Wilson Car Park. The show runs from now till 14 September 2014. Tickets are available from SISTIC .

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