Ahhhh! My Daughter Has To Wear Glasses!

I thank God I don’t need to wear glasses. (I would probably need reading glasses, but that’s another story!) I grew up with somewhat perfect eye sight, and I truly appreciated it! The husband doesn’t wear glasses too, so we were convinced that our kids would follow through with the same great genes!

Early this year, Nicole told us that she can’t really see the board in class. The very stubborn me immediately thought there must be a tall child sitting in front of Nicole. I even wrote an email to the teacher, requesting for Nicole to sit nearer the front row! (sigh.. she is after all, rather short)

The teacher obliged, but she suggested that Nicole should go for an eye check. Well, the absolute smarty pants replied “as long as Nicole sits in the front row, there’ll be no one blocking her view!” (gosh… On hindsight, I think the teacher must be thinking I must be quite mad!)

As the weeks went by, there were no more complaints. And as they say, reality doesn’t hit. It crashes on you.

We were at the foodcourt for lunch after church. I was queuing with Nicole for good ol Chicken Rice. I decided to ask her to do some mental sums.

chicken rice

Me: Look at the price list. Can you tell me how much it costs if we ordered two plates? And how much if we ordered two lunch sets?

Nicole: Huh? Where’s the price?

Me: Up there, on the board. Can you tell me how much for two plates of chicken rice?

Nicole: Mummy, I can’t see. I can only see the pictures and some blocks of black and white!

oh man… I nearly fainted! The price list was in nice comfortable font for ALL to see. We were standing at the counter, not far away. That was when I realised my Nicole needs to wear glasses.

The next day, I made an appointment to see the Paediatric Ophthalmologist. We figured for this first time, she better get a good diagnosis, and a thorough eye check. The day before the doctor’s appointment, I was quite nervous. In fact, it felt like a day before taking my piano exams! Strange unexplainable tummy ache and cold hands. hahaha!

Here’s how she did!

Nicole Prescription Glasses crop

To cut the long story short, I was really quite quick to accept that she needed glasses. Doctor said, for her first timer, that’s quite bad. (Most people start off at 50-70 degrees!) I felt so bad. It explained why she couldn’t understand some math concepts, why she had difficulties with copying notes. I really felt so upset with my stupid denial.

Anyhow, we got her glasses. She had a lovely lovely lovely time choosing the frame. She was particular about the width, and then she wanted the right colour shade, and then she wanted to try everything in that same colour!

So here’s my little princess with glasses. There is a sense of loss. No one will see my baby without those dreaded frames again! Her beautiful eyes will be hidden. Her nose will have those permanent marks. It certainly takes getting used to…

Nicole in glasses

Ohh and why does she need glasses? I really have no idea. They don’t watch that much TV (only on weekends), they don’t play much on the ipad (only half an hour every week)… Maybe it’s just all that reading in lousy light. One thing for sure, the other two kids are now reading only when there’s good lighting. And time on the TV or ipad has been reduced again to half an hour every fortnight! I really hope Nicole is the only one wearing glasses in the family!

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