My kids are loving Bioré UV Mild Milk sunscreen – You Would Too!

Recently, I had a girly beauty conversation with some friends and was reminded the importance of putting on sunscreen. Apart from protecting our faces and skin from the harmful UV rays, it helps to prevent the proliferation of freckles and pigmentation. My friends were trying to convince me to start applying sunscreen daily. I have been hesitant to start this habit and came up with numerous excuses for it.

I mean, the sun in Singapore ain’t that bad, it’s not like Australia! And I do put on sunscreen when we go out in the sun for outdoorsy activities (think Beach, Pool, Running in the field etc) Surely my daily sedentary lifestyle does’t warrant daily sunscreen? Wrong! Sunscreen IS important as long as the sun is out. The sun rays get to us even when it’s a quick walk to the bus stop or a ride in the car. And I realise it’s important to start this habit of putting on sunscreen from young!

So I started to look for good sunscreen lotion for my kids. (and of course I started putting sunscreen on myself). When we went Perth recently, I bought a good lot of lotion there. I figured since the Aussies are so big on sunscreen, they would have a nice collection of sunscreen that’s cheap and good for the kids to use daily. I didn’t want them smelling like a beach holiday when they go to school!

Alas, it didn’t work! The lotions I bought were way TOO thick! They were unscented, but very very creamy, and this actually caused a slight skin outbreak on Nicole’s face after 3 days of applying the lotion! I was stuck, I didn’t know what the kids could use for their daily application. (I couldn’t bring myself to apply my very expensive moisturisers on them!)

You can imagine how delighted I was when I received a sample for the new Bioré UV Mild Milk, a special sunscreen for kids! Woooohooo!! And guess what? This mild and moisturising formula is very very gentle on the skin, and it gives a maximum level of protection with SPF50+/PA++++ factor! (we usually only have SPF30 for kids’ sunscreen!) According to the writeup, the Bioré UV Mild Milk is also formulated with a strong resistance to sweat, water and friction! Isn’t that perfect for kids?

The true test comes when I asked the kids to start their daily application. And they love it!! It’s easy to apply, the milky texture spreads smoothly and slides easily on. And because it has a lightweight texture, there is no sticky or oily residue on the skin after applying. (definitely no skin outbreak!) I love it that is is suitable for both the face and body!

Applying Sunscreen

It’s a habit to apply sunscreen daily now!

The best bit? It is so light and can be used for delicate skin, I can use it too! It is allergy tested, alcohol free, fragrance free and it’s colourless! All this, while providing maximum protection against the sun!

The new Bioré UV Mild Milk (for kids) is available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets at S$13.90.

Bioré UV Mild Milk

Just for Mum’s the Word readers, we have THREE hampers of Bioré UV Mild Milk products (product value of S$50 each) to be given away! Here’s how you can participate in the giveaway! All the best!

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*Disclaimer: I was given 1 bottle of Bioré UV Mild Milk to try for this review. All opinions are 100% my own*


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