PurelyFresh: Ordering Fresh Yong Tau Fu Online

When you can’t think of what to cook for your kids, a sure win item is Fishballs! For my family at least, fishballs are a HUGE favourite and the kids will eat them with anything! In soup, fried with vegetable, in stews, fried with rice etc… They just love fishballs!

But I learnt that I’ve to be really careful with where I purchase my fishballs. The cheap and pre-packed ones are usually processed meat. That is, they are not even made of Fish Meat! It would possibly be Surimi with a whole lot of Flour. And what is Surimi? In this case, it’s a small portion of fish meat which is rinsed numerous times to eliminate undesirable odors. The result is beaten and pulverized to form a gelatinous paste. Depending on the desired texture and flavor of the surimi product, the gelatinous paste is mixed with differing proportions of additives such as starch, egg white, salt, vegetable oil, humectants, sorbitol, sugar,soy protein, seasonings, and enhancers such as transglutaminases and monosodium glutamate (MSG) (Source: Wikipedia)

Thus, I only buy fishballs from the market, when I see the stall owner making the balls from real fish paste. And from this same stall, I would get some Yong Tau Fu. After all, the real fish paste is what’s used to stuff into the various pieces of Yong Tau Fu. Alas, I don’t have time to go marketing! You see, to get the freshest produce, you need to go marketing early in the morning. And I really can’t do that with fetching the kids to school and going to work. I’ve not stepped into a wet market for ages!

I was elated to hear that PurelyFresh is an online grocery store which owns the wet and dry markets of Woodlands, Sengkang, Punggol and Tampines. I was assured that everything ordered online would be chosen from the suppliers BEFORE they go out to the markets! That’s really very fresh ya?

So when PurelyFresh advertised about their very fresh Yong Tau Fu, I knew I had to give it a try. I ordered a whole lot of Yong Tau Fu together with many fishballs!

Yong Tau Fu 1

Yong Tau Fu 2

The food was really very very fresh and the fish paste was very good too! I’m not sure what adjectives we can use to describe fish paste, but they were really very yummy. You can imagine what a big hit it was among the family!

Since then, I’ve ordered at least another two rounds of yong tau fu and fishballs. Each time, they were so good, I could even play silly make believe games with the kids, that I was a Yong Tau Fu stall aunty cooking award-winning Yong Tau Fu!

If you are ordering your fresh foods from PurelyFresh, don’t forget to order the meats and vegetables too. I find them way fresher and LARGER than what you get at the supermarket!


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Happy Shopping!


*Disclaimer: This is a series of Sponsored conversations with PurelyFresh. All Opinions are 100% my own. 



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