Things on my work desk

You can’t miss my cubicle if you step into the office. Besides the regular calendar & important Post-its, I have a gallery of the children’s photos & artwork. There are many reasons why I put them up.

  1. I can’t bear an empty cubicle that is work oriented, with nothing that’s personal from my life
  2. I’m so proud of my three gorgeous kids. Surely pictures of them would light up all my colleagues’ day too? hehehe…
  3. Some of the photos are really very well taken. I’ve to showcase his handiwork too ya? (that’s for you, Baby!)

One of my favourite piece is Nathan’s Artwork. It was a Mother’s Day card he made in school last year, and till now, he still remembers every word in that card. Mother's Day Card

First conscious steps taken to melt mummy’s heart!

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