Darwin: The somewhat-different Getaway

Looking for a quick getaway? And you wanna go somewhere really quite different from the usual cities in Southeast Asia? And you wanna experience non city living? Are you game enough to try out a place where most people would go, “WHAT? Huh?”

One of the best trips we had as a couple was to Darwin, Australia. Yes yes, Darwin. And yes, it is still the very pale cousin to Perth, and an even paler one to the Sydney/Melbourne. But it was so fun and good because we didn’t stay in Darwin city! hahaha… We went to explore just 2 hours outside the city and it was GREAT!

Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory, Australia. It’s about 4.5hrs away from Singapore. The time difference is 1.5hrs ahead and it is a really really small city but serves us tourists well as a stopover to a really beautiful National Parks. We went in March, which was just when the rainy season was ending. (Alas, the best time to go was in May/Jun)

First stop: Jumping Crocodile Cruise

I’m not a big fan of crocodiles, actually not a fan at all. But it was a scheduled trip, so we had to go. We boarded the cruise boat, and I was seriously thinking, I can catch a quick nap, it’s probably just seeing some old croc swimming around the river, and moving slowing up the slope. Haha I was wrong! So wrong that I would strongly strongly recommend every tourist in Darwin to check out this cruise!


Well, that was till they swam up CLOSE to the boat. (they do need a lot of help with their teeth!)DSC_0492

And the hunger games began. The guys started using Buffalo meat as bait. The crocs swam closer and closer. And … now you know why this is called the Jumping Crocodiles Cruise!


We left the cruise with a newfound respect for crocs.  Certainly no love lost, but respect for these reptiles’ ability to survive through the centuries with little change! Do you know they can grow up to a 7m length and can weigh up to 1,200 kg!

Second stop: Wildman Wilderness Lodge

This is a most amazing experience staying literally in the wilderness. (haha that’s why the name!). It’s a Hyatt in the wilderness… (It won the Australian Tourism Award in 2011!) See the wilderness:


The Cabins:DSC_0802


It’s a beautiful cabin with NO television. We are meant to lie there in bed, open the blinds, look out and check out the nature, the wallabies hopping around, the wetland birds and just pure nature. Either that, or you just relive your honeymoon nights! Red heartRed heartRed heart

(As an aside, if you bring your family, there are Family cabins that are like Safari Tents. You’d find a Large King size bed, and two additional single beds) wildman safari tent

You are forced to put away your phone & laptop, cos there’s no network. It was definitely a very enjoyable break we had! During the nights, you can hear the insects, and you know there are animals just outside the cabins. Wallaby Darwin

The accommodation at the lodge includes a hearty breakfast and a full 3-course dinner. We had the chance to sit in the open and watch a most spectacular sunset over the wilderness. It was so so beautiful, even my pathetic Blackberry phone could capture this: IMG00217-20120327-1905

We were to meet at 6 a.m. in the morning to go for a bush hike and ride the rafts, but the floods hadn’t subsided, so we had to miss it. sigh… that was one big big downer. I surprised myself when I realised how disappointed I was, as I’m not a hiking person, definitely not one to wake up so early to sweat it out type. But the fact was, it was so tremendous to be so near to nature, and to think that we could have been closer, but we missed it sigh… So if you go, do it in May/June. Guaranteed you would LURRRRRVE it!

wildman wilderness shot

Here’s a peek at how close we were to nature:Wallaby closeup darwin

Third stop: Litchfield National Park

When we checked out, we went to the popular Litchfield National Park nearby. It has so many many waterfalls in the park. Some are accessible by 2-wheel drives and others only by 4-wheel drives. The signages are very clear as you enter the park, and trust me, you can turn off at any waterfall, and the sight would take your breath away!

This is Wangi Falls…  IMG00219-20120328-1502

And this is Florence Falls. We took a swim there, and it was really refreshing! IMG00222-20120328-1554

So for those adventure buffs (or even if you aren’t, like me) and for those looking for non-cookie cutter travel experience, go to Darwin. (They are very tourist friendly, roads are a breeze to drive, and everyone speaks English!) We LOVED IT! You won’t believe it, but we saw all the above in two days one night! (that explains my same top!)

There you go, a quick getaway from the city, right into the heart of nature. If you plan to go, let me know. I would love to share more stories with you!


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