the near disaster-Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

I did some baking on Saturday! The end product was Hokkaido Chiffon Cake, a cupcake that is so so soft with the yummiest light cream oozing out. It was quite exciting to go for this workshop as there was something delicious to look forward to and I get to meet some of the mummy bloggers from Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) again!

The workshop was conducted by Munch Ministry’s Pauline and Louisa and they made it so so so easy! The recipe was easy to follow, their demonstration was simple and to the point, highlighting important Dos and Do-nots. Even Nicole who came with me, could follow through the steps! Except we made history somewhere along the way. sigh… Read on…

So here’s how the day went:

We watched the demonstration by the real chefs. You can see we were really really watching! Let’s just say, we didn’t want to miss out anything! My partner for the day, Klessis didn’t know what she was in for when we were paired up!

C. Paparazzi at baking class

It looked SO easy. And it was. Except for this:

Separated Egg Yolks

I must have known this was a worthy shot. For those not in the know, these were the Masters’ egg yolks, not mine. You see, to get the chiffon light and fluffy, you need very pure egg whites. The bowl should contain just whites, no water, no flour and definitely NO YOLKS! Here’s our egg yolks, courtesy of yours truly.

Separating yolks disaster

Alas, the whites had loads of traces of yolks. We tried our best to make restitution, scooping out whatever yolk was in the bowl. And we went on:

Beat yolks

We went ahead to beat the whites… the most important part of the recipe:

G. Egg White

Beating the whites. Beat beat beat till it doubles in volume and stiffens. Well, ours didn’t double, and certainly didn’t stiffen. In not so many words, the Masters said, “RE-DO”.

Why did we fail when at this point, our other friends had their cakes in the oven and were washing up? (Check out the prettiest dishwashers in town)

H. Pretty dishwashers

We failed because:

  • Yolks in the Whites
  • Water in the Whites

To Cut the long long story short, we had re-did the whites. (We still couldn’t get them to separate so beautifully!) and here’s the story in pictures. (really feeling tired already!)

Try again

Sieve Flour

Skip skip skip many steps cos we were quickly catching up with our repeat steps… and…


Done cooling cakes

Hokkaido Cream

(Cos originally, the milk to make the cream is from Hokkaido)

Icing cake

final product

And it was done. It was GORGEOUS and so YUMMY! Let me give you a out-of-the-world close up shot of the Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

We did it!! Possibly the only pair that had to re-do something so simple. But we learnt our lesson! Crack the egg in a separate bowl, not into the same bowl where the whites would be! DUH!!

So there are the lovely mummies that day with one little girl:


Just a note: Nicole & I decided we will try this again. Separating those whites can’t be THAT tough ya?? You can read our experience via my partner’s very kind eyes here!

Of course all this is only possible with the awesome celebration activities for SMB’s First Birthday!


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