Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Buffet – Free Flow Wagyu! (NO MORE slots!)

What does one expect at a Japanese BBQ ala carte buffet? Lots of beef/pork to barbecue, a salad bar, and portions of Japanese sashimi and sushi, and possibly some green tea to wash that all down.

So when we headed to Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant, we thought it would be just that. The kids were excited to cook their own meats, the husband was looking forward to try out some meats, and I wanted a good meal. Well, we thought wrong. Tenkaichi is not your regular BBQ place.

Welcome to Tenkaichi

First, the place looks very ordinary. It’s in a very old building, in a very old shop space. It took over Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant which closed down in May 2013. So you can expect a mish-mash of Chinese/Japanese decor. But we are at Tenkaichi to eat, not to shop for Interior Decor. So take a look at the menu!

Tenkaichi Deluxe MenuThis is for those who choose the DELUXE menu. I tried the dishes on this menu, and it’s really good regular fresh meat. But check out the PREMIUM menu. Tenkaichi Premium Wagyu And that was when we realised we could order from BOTH menus. But just check out the Premium Menu! This was serious meat! Imagine, free-flow servings of Wagyu Beef!! Some were for grilling, and some were meant to be eaten raw. Look at what was on our table. Tenkaichi Wagyu BeefTenkaichi Beef SashimiThe Wagyu served at Tenkaichi are from Australia and all have a marbling score of at least 7. (The top Aussie score is 9+, anything above 7 is good!) For the uninitiated, marbling is the webbing of fat that riddles a cut of beef. It gives the meat a special tenderness, juiciness and richness. The higher the marbling score, the better!

The Beef was so tasty! Regardless if it was the raw sashimi or the grilled ones. We are meat lovers, and honestly, we were really happy to just keep ordering the wagyu. I’m not sure how to best describe the beef. It melts in your mouth, it is very tender, and I’ve never tasted so much natural sweetness in beef before. So yummy. Then we ordered the seafood sashimi in the premium menu as well. Tenkaichi Seafood Sashimi It didn’t disappoint! Every slice was so fresh and good. BUT we just couldn’t focus on this! At the back of our minds, we knew we had to keep the stomach space for more wagyu! By the way, if you looked at the menu, there was also huge scallops, white tuna, and oysters. We didn’t order them simply because we just wanted more wagyu.

Tenkaichi Wagyu Favourite And that was why we enjoyed our dinner so much. It was ala carte, and while we could order as much as we could, each dish came in a comfortable small serving. Not too much and not too little. Just enough to tease your appetite, or to satisfy your cravings. Above that, the wait staff were very quick to clear the empty plates without being intrusive. They were attentive to change the grill plates as soon as there were any burnt bits.

Ohhh there was also a reasonable sized salad buffet with some sushi and tempura. After dinner, you can have some fruits or Hokkaido ice-cream. And thereafter, if you want to squeeze in more wagyu, you can! wooohooo!

So how much for all this? The Deluxe menu (without the Wagyu) costs $39.80, and the Premium Wagyu Menu (which also includes everything in the Deluxe) costs $69.80. That sounds like a good deal, ya? Here’s a better deal from now till 5 April: To celebrate SG50, this absolutely yummy Wagyu menu would cost just $50+ (weekdays) and $55+ (weekends)! Same price for lunch and dinner! (and there’s no GST!!)

Now, this is definitely something worth going for! There’s no where that serves such premium beef at this price! We like it so much, we are going back again this week!

Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant

371 Beach Road, City Gate (Keypoint) #01-18/19, Singapore 199597 (2min walk from Nicoll Hwy MRT)

Opening Hours: 11.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m., 6 p.m. – 10.30 p.m. daily

Please make reservations online or call 6293 4498



Tenkaichi has just announced that ALL slots for the SG50 promotion have been fully booked, all the way till 5th April! They will not be accepting any new reservations or walk-ins for this promotion. The response must have been overwhelming! For those who had a chance to try it, do share your experience! For those who missed it, I hope this promotion comes up again and you can have a go at it then! 

*Disclaimer: We were invited to try the Premium Wagyu BBQ menu at Tenkaichi. All opinions are 100% my own. And we paid and will be paying for all subsequent visits. 

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