RedMart Online Grocery Shopping Review

Remember how I got my shopping therapy fix with RedMart last month? You can read about it here… I got hooked and started shopping more for all the heavy duty stuff. After all, the beauty of online grocery shopping is doorstep delivery!! So it makes sense to purchase all the heavy bulky items.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this announcement flashed before me on the website


Wooohoooo!! and the *aunty* in me would say, wahhhh! $49 to get nice big good quality plastic bags too! (The bags they use are not thin and flimsy kind)

I searched DETERGENT and viola! All the various brands appear, and the website can rank them for me. Popularity or Price. Easy!!!

redmart 2

After I choose the item, I get to read the fine details MAGNIFIED. Check it out!! This is a BIG plus for me as my eyesight for small print stuff ain’t doing too well!image

I put it on MY LIST and when I viewed this list, I saw everything I ordered previously! Yes, nicely catogorised so I can see what I have and how much I got it for. And it told me the last time I ordered the item too!image

As I happily shop, every time my cursor goes over MY CART, I can see what’s inside, and what is the cost thus far. It definitely helps in budgeting!


I am a fan of RedMart definitely. The website is friendly, the interface is really idiot-proof. I’m going to try convince Mum to try it soon!

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This post was sponsored by RedMart. All opinions are my own.

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