Barbie Live! Musical Review–Confessions of a Barbie Fan

I am a Barbie fan.

ok. Let me make this clear. I’m no blond obviously, I don’t have that 36-24-36 figure, I didn’t have many Barbie dolls when I was growing up (my first was in Sec 1!!!) and I certainly didn’t  I have a Barbie house, Barbie Scooter, Barbie Beach Set, Barbie cottage etc.

But I enjoyed playing Barbie (even now with the girls!). You see, I think I’m a closet hairstylist/fashion designer rolled into one. (No one else seem to share this thought!) I don’t want that hidden incredible talent to go down the drain. So I get to do it with Barbie! Yup, various hairstyles with gorgeous mix and match of tops and bottoms.

Imagine how excited I was when I heard Barbie is in town for Barbie Live!—A Barbie musical! barbie landscape lock up hiresFINAL

I thought I’m an average fan. But at the musical, I realised what REAL Barbie fans do!

Let me explain, I went to the musical with 5 girls (and two boys who didn’t want to be photographed!)Barbie Live

Now I must say that all five of them were the mild fans. There were MANY who were decked in PINK or PURPLE, had fairy wings on! (and these weren’t just the kids!)

Anyway, the musical was great fun for the girls (and 2 boys!). It wasn’t overtly girly, it wasn’t towithout a storyline, and it certainly wasn’t blond!

It was a simple story of Barbie and her BFF Teresa preparing for a big musical performance. Teresa has lots of issues with self confidence and has thoughts of quitting. Barbie uses her experience in her other shows like Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa to teach Teresa about being brave, friendship and daring to try things you have never done before.

Well, that’s when it gets exciting! As the musical tells these stories, the characters  sing familiar hits from these shows. The REAL fans can all sing along and relate to the stories. I am amazed how every little girl can relate each story LOUDLY in their SOFTEST whisper to their parents. That’s how enthusiastic the girls were!

Clearly, if you know someone who watches the Barbie cartoons, please bring them to the musical. They would LOVE it!

Now how about those who are know Barbie as the doll? Well, don’t fret. The musical is entertaining. I really like how it weaved in themes about overcoming fears and friendship into the story. And being very mindful that a large large part of the audience are kids, the actors were all very interactive with the audience. Now who doesn’t like Barbie to talk to you?

Barbie Live 2

Barblie Live 1

Here’s my honest, hand on heart take:

If you know a little girl who loves playing with Barbie, or watches Barbie cartoons, please bring her to this musical. There’s nothing materialistic or romantic in any of the themes. I felt it was really good clean family fun. (Nathan liked it too!!)

Barbie Live! runs from 10-14 Sept 2013 at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands. Quick grab your tickets here

We were invited to review Barbie Live! All opinions are 100% my own.

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