What Prospers My Soul

The Bible says we should prosper in all things, just as our soul prosper. Do you know what makes your soul prosper? To many, spending time with our family and close friends always satisfy our souls. It can be a meal, an outing, or just simply spending time together. These always makes us happy.

Putting the people factor aside, I feel one should always know what satisfies us. For me, it is easy. Reading always makes me happy. I just need a book, a comfortable armchair or cushion and I’ll be so happy. Whenever work gets stressful, I would take time to read. It refreshes me and somewhat releases the stress. (ya, sacrifice that half hour sleep would suffice)

I love to read, I am perfectly fine sitting in a busy food court to have my lunch alone, as long as I have a book, or newspapers or magazine. As long as I have something to read, I’ll be really quite quite happy!

Today, I think I’ve found something else that makes me tick. Something that satisfy my soul. And while I’m not ashamed of it, I was quite surprised when I realised it. To many women, shopping is extremely therapeutic. Some have described the thrill of trying out new clothes and shoes, checking out the bags and belts and just simply walking in and out of the shops as a stress-reliever. This somewhat works for me, but only somewhat. I get a greater pleasure shopping in a stationery shop or book store.

But what blew my mind was how happy I was when I shop for food today! Hahaha… yes, the aunty in me has arisen, I love grocery shopping!

It was after work, and I needed to buy some bananas and oranges (cos we ran out of fruits at home). I was tired, hungry and not in the most comfortable shoes. I alighted at this row of shops selling vegetables. Alas, no fruits at all. The shopkeepers pointed out that I had to cross the road to this other street. I thought I would be dragging my feet to walk down the row of vegetable shops, but no! I was happily walking, stopping at certain shops to check out their produce, and at the end of the row, I bought some tomatoes and zucchini.

I had a spring in my steps! When I crossed the road, I realised, ohhh the fruit stalls have closed for the day. I’ve to walk a little more to the supermarket. It was Sheng Siong. hmmm… now I’m not that keen on Sheng Siong. There isn’t one near my home, I don’t frequent there, and the few times that I stepped in, it hasn’t been very pleasant. So I thought, I can quickly grab the oranges and go. (the tomatoes and zucchini were started to feel heavy)

Woah!! But when I stepped into Sheng Siong, it felt like toy land! I actually walked down every aisle just to see what they had to offer, got myself a trolley and started filling it! Practicality did hit me, I couldn’t really buy everything I wanted, since I was going to walk about 500m to the bus stop, take a bus, and walk another 500m home.

But if you were wondering, this is what I bought:

10 oranges, 1 bunch of bananas, 2 sticks of butter, 1 carton of milk, 1 packet of ground peanuts, 1 sieve, and 1 meat pounder.

Trust me, I nearly bought the dried beancurd, grapes, spinach, carrots and eggs!

There you go, my #2 stress reliever: Grocery Shopping. It prospers my soul.

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