A Mother and her boy

I’m a mother of three kids. I have two girls and a boy. Today, I wanna talk about the boy. This is Nathan, a precocious little one who is most sensitive and endearing. Beneath that slight smile, is a boy who really loves God, who looks out for his sisters, who shares his food and toys with others. Yup, can you see all that in the face?


As he enters Primary School, he puts on a tougher exterior (perhaps to survive?) but still lapses into kiddy idiosyncracies. Just last week, he decided he wants to be a wolf. He will howl at the top of his voice, and it gets louder if he spots the full moon! And he does it non stop! (the car park, the mall, in the car, walking along the street, in church, in grandma’s house…) And I thought I’d just share, to be tough, one doesn’t say when one’s bladder is full. Yet to be a kid, when you gotta go, you just gotta go. So there we have it, the boy who peed down his pants while walking home. Yes, it happened. And just so recently too!

These days, Nathan loves to be cool. He goes “Oh Yeah”, he sings the latest pop hit at the top of his voice, he really shakes his bon bon when he sings. It ‘s really quite hilarious. From a really shy and conscious boy, look at him now!

Nathan 2

Every day, I thank God for being so real to Nathan. He never fails to display his gratitude to God for the little things in life. He praises and worships God at the top of his voice during devotion. He remembers his Bible stories and is able to draw out parallels to his own life.

One of the verses I live by as a parent is what the wise King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:3-9

4 My father taught me,
“Take my words to heart.
Follow my commands, and you will live.
5 Get wisdom; develop good judgment.
Don’t forget my words or turn away from them.
6 Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you.
Love her, and she will guard you.
7 Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!
And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.
8 If you prize wisdom, she will make you great.
Embrace her, and she will honor you.
9 She will place a lovely wreath on your head;
she will present you with a beautiful crown.”

It would be great when the kids grow old, look back and say, that “My mum taught me…” And the stuff they remember is not my nagging, but I taught them to go for wisdom.

Back to Nathan. Today, he turns 7.

Other than the usual Happy Birthday wish, and I love you speech, I pray that Nathan will take my words to his heart. He will follow my commands. He will get wisdom, develop good judgment. He won’t forget my words, he won’t turn his back on wisdom. He will get wisdom, and treasure wisdom and seek wisdom.

Nathan birthday

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