Oh How I Love My Mum (in law)!

Mother’s Day is round the corner. Many have commented how commercialised the event is, how we should love our mummies every day and not just that one Sunday, how dinner on another day would be cheaper etc. I totally agree! It has reached the profit making highlight of all businesses just like Valentine’s Day but for mothers.

However, Mother’s Day is also a time to reflect and think. You are forced to think about your mum, have you appreciated her, how can you show your appreciation.

Happy Mummies

My Mum in law and my Mummy

Recently, I went for a video shoot for a Mother’s Day feature. Neo Gardens wanted to do a feature on me and my Mother in law. Haha! When I first heard, I was really quite surprised. Me and my mother in law??? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve a wonderful relationship with my MIL. I’ve none of those in-laws problems that we always read or joke about, and I dare say we do enjoy each other’s company.

But I have not actually put into words how I feel or what I think about her. So it was quite strange. (you can hear and see my response!) When they asked me questions about our relationship, I had to pause, think, look around for answers. It wasn’t because there was nothing to say, rather, it was just something I never thought of, or no one ever asked me!

So here’s the video, and I think it is really very candid! Plus the twist was really so so unexpected!

I hope this prompts you to do something for your mother in law this Mother’s Day. It certainly reminded me to do just that!



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