I always wanted to be …

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

My kids have a long list of what they want to be. And the list changes very often. But how about us—parents? What were your dream jobs? And what jobs did you do/try when growing up? I thought sharing it would help us remember and bring back some smiles!

My Dream Jobs

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Always. I could teach English, Drawing, Cookery, Craft, First Aid, even the much dreaded Math! (Those were the pretend Teacher games I played with my sister!) My earliest memory of teaching was when I was 8. It was Monday, and I sat my best friend down, and re-taught her what i learnt in Sunday School the day before! Hahaha!

Along that line, I wanted to host a Children’s Programme or Cooking show. The idea of talking  to a captive audience is like teaching! (Those were the days before we had talkshows and reality programmes.

Ohh and I wanted to be a cashier! Not because I wanted to handle money, but I would so love keying in each item into the register. (There were no scanners last time!)

And another keying in data job was a typist. Yes, long ago, there was this position. The person sits at the typewriter and types away. So fun to see the fingers flying and the machine goes “ching”!

I remember I wanted to work in a clothing shop too! And It’s because I wanted to arrange all the hangers in one direction, ensure the same designs are on one shelf, and either color code or size code the display.

I also wanted to be an air stewardess. To go on the plane for free and fly around the world is really very magical! But when I stopped growing at 1.58m, I knew I just about make it through the height test, and I don’t have a drop dead beautiful face, so it’s unlikely the airlines would accept me.

Some time in my uni days, I wanted to work in church. Anything. Pastoral or Admin. I just wanted to serve in a church.

In reality… the following are jobs I took on:

Receptionist at Sony international – It was rather stressful maintaining a smile while trying to figure out which Mr. Nakamura to forward the phone line to. (there were at least 4 on the directory!)

Accounts Clerk at Hewlett Packard – My longest time spent in the accounts department! This was a purely data entry job. And I LOVED IT! (not the accounts part though!) I love data entry. Endless keying in of information or numbers brought out the competitiveness within myself to see if I can outdo the speed of the previous entry I keyed in! (pathetic, I know. But I honestly loved it!)

Crew at Mc Donald’s – I loved this too! I was studying in Perth when I took up this part-time job. It was a good break from school, I got to eat for free. The pay was good too and uniform’s provided! haha!

Well, I did get to be a teacher. I was a High School History and English teacher for three years. The opportunity to speak to the young minds, to challenge their thinking and mould their values was amazing. BUT the enormous lot of admin work, planning concerts, submission of unrelated teaching plans was a big downer. I love admin work, but not when I’m paid to teach and not to do admin! So I moved on to my final dream job—working in church, doing admin!

It is amazing even as I write this to realise the things that I enjoy and love are quite consistent through the years. I get to teach in small group meetings in church weekly, I do tons and tons of admin. I handle operations which gives me the chance to arrange stuff in order. I only don’t get to fly in that kebaya. But, I’m not complaining!

What were your dream jobs? And what were the jobs your tried? Join me in the linky below as we reminisce our growing up years!

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