Results after Two Week Trial: Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic

I. Have. A. Hair. Fall. Problem.

Some background first: Before I started this treatment, I had about 250-300 strands of hair falling daily. According to statistics, this is totally out of norm! Firstly, how do I know if I have a problem with Hair Fall? Everyone has a ‘normal’ hair fall of about 100-150 hairs per day. But if I shed more than 150, it’s time to start looking for help! And help came in the form of Dove Hair Fall Tonic!

And it’s been two weeks!! For vanity reasons, I’ve kept the discipline to use Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic daily for 14 days! To read more about how I started this, read more about it here.

So how’s my hair now? Are the roots more secured to my head? Is the hair still falling easily? Would I continue using this? Bottom line: Does it work????

Dove Intensive Hair Tonic Review

Well, my hair’s good. I don’t have a dramatic tale to tell or an obvious photo to share. But I did notice the number of hair that I see from my shoulders and on the ground when I comb my hair is lesser. Previously, when I ran my fingers through my hair, out of three times of doing it, I would have at least 1-2 strands in my hands once. Today, as I type this, I’m running my fingers through my hair. It’s my 5th time now, and no fallen hair yet! (Wooohooo!!)

I’m thinking I should try this for a little bit more. The results after two weeks seem quite forthcoming, so if I just use it for another two weeks, I should have some lovely pictures of my scalp to show!

Since I started this, I’ve been incredibly conscious of keeping my hair healthy. I went to read up on things I can do to maintain healthy hair. After all, if research’s already done for me, I should just follow the tips faithfully, and be sure that I’ll get a healthy head of tresses!

The easiest tips to follow are what to do with WET HAIR! Here’s what I strongly believe in, and practice after I wash my hair.

1. Be extra gentle when your hair is wet

I consciously remind myself every time. You see, when hair is wet, it is heavier. Wet hair is also more delicate! And wet hair is very elastic. So be careful when you towel dry… don’t be rough.

2. Don’t Pull, Don’t Yank, Don’t Force your way through

Wet hair is usually a bit knotted and it does take a while to untangle the knots. Don’t force your way through…  The rate of hair fall and hair breaking is higher when hair is wet! This is my comb for my wet hair. I LOVE it! (I’ve been using it for at least 8 years!)

Comb for Wet Hair

As I follow these tips for handling my wet hair, and with my diligence in using the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Tonic, I’m confident my hair fall problem will be solved really soon!

Do you want to start seeing lesser hair fall? Click here to get a 2-week worth Trial Pack. You can see how effective it is after two weeks!

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